Should alternative education sites be created for unsuccessful students?

  • These kids can be reached!

    Alternative education works. I should know, I was a beneficiary of such a system. Without it, my life would have been much harder for both myself and my parents. Not all kids learn at the same rates, or can adapt to the same school environment. There has to be exceptions and differences in order to help all children succeed.

  • Alternative Education Should Be Provided

    Yes, alternative education sites should be created for unsuccessful students. Not all children are cut from the same mold. Traditional classroom settings in traditional schools are not the right settings for everyone. Many children struggle trying to cope with a system that doesn’t work for them. They end up getting into trouble and either quitting or getting expelled. It is our job, as parents and educators, to do everything possible to give our children tools to lead successful and productive lives as adults. Alternative education sites should be made available in all urban and rural areas. Students should be encouraged to attend these alternative sites. Counselors should present alternative sites to students as an opportunity rather than a place where bad kids are sent.

  • Sometimes Students Need Extra Attention

    Sometimes, the only thing kids need to succeed is a little extra attention. Alternative educational sites for students are necessary to foster learning. Success doesn't have to happen in a traditional classroom. Sometimes, more hands-on classes are needed or small class sizes. Alternative education sites can also help separate people for disciplinary reasons while still allowing kids to learn.

  • Yes

    A person may not be of the academic caliber, yet, they still have much to offer society in the means of the manual, (physical labor), industry, the service industry, or other industries. There are many trades and/or skilled professions that this student could find to be their calling. This person is not useless, they are merely just not of the upmost academic status. They may not be made for education. But they at least deserve a minimum of a high school diploma, and some sort of skilled trade training.

  • Yes.

    Just because a student is not successful academically does not mean they are useless. There are many young people with other talents and desires than becoming educated or book smart. Technical programs and practical education should be promoted. Military opportunities should be encouraged (there is more to the military than combat). Every person can be useful, it is the system that fails them.

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