• Yes alternative energy sources should be taxed.

    All of the main sources of renewable energy have experienced rapidly falling costs making them the largest market for new investments in the energy complex. There is no longer a need for the government to keep them tax free! Taxing would provide the needed funds to ensure that alternative energy sources are always available.

  • No, alternative energy sources should not be taxed.

    No, alternative energy sources should not be taxed in order to make them competitive with oil. We need to move away from oil, so we should have access to alternative fuels. By taxing them, it will make it harder for other companies to compete when the oil business is so big.

  • The government should encourage alternative energy development.

    Taxing alternative energy sources is a bad idea economically and ecologically. Our nation's economy is held hostage by our dependence on foreign sources of energy, so developing alternative sources is best for ou rnational security, the economy and the environment. Taxing alternative energy sourcesdiscourages investment in these ideas and hinders their implementation and runs counter to our security and our future.

  • No, not yet.

    No, alternative energy sources should not be taxed yet. They are still trying to get off the ground. Once these energy sources catch on and enjoy widespread use, then we can start to think about taxing them. Until then, they probably need every tax break they can get in order to flourish.

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