• Dna, attempt to frame lumumba, lies

    Knox lied from the stat, never exhibited any surprise or revulsion when Meredith Kercher's remains were found. Instead Knox went back to making out with Raffaele as though a tortured, murdered body in it's home was NORMAL. Knox lied repeatedly, to her mother, about how she, Raffaele and Guede gained entry to the structure, and her whereabouts during the extended torture murder. She was upset when the false positive HIV test was reported, but not shocked.

    There is no double jeopardy, Knox accepted the appeal process and then skipped the country, and refuses to return for the new trials she requested! KNOX made the decision to not "fast track" her trial, thus agreed to the process. When the process worked against her, THEN Knox complained.

    A sociopath like Bundy; my father encountered him at FSP as a CO, when I was a child. Bundy was known for crying over the denial of luxuries, and showing no emotion when humans were injured, A man was sliced in his presence, Bundy kept smiling, never changed his expression. Knox is another Bundy. There is little doubt Knox will try to torture and kill again, when it's desires are thwarted.

    PS: I encountered Danny Rollings in a north Florida Courthouse a few years before his execution; unlike Bundy, he was so drugged, he just shuffled and stared with a blank gaze. I remain conflicted about his capacity and execution; he was 'barely there'.

    Bundy, on the other hand, tried to "make deals" on his way to the chair, offering the locations of the remains of those he had killed that had never been discovered. I know one of those present at his execution, Bundy remained arrogant, appeared angry, but never exhibited regret, remorse, or fear. The CO said "it was like he thought he might defeat ole Sparky!"

  • It was ordered by court.

    Italy is not North Korea. The US is not on a superior judging level- not by legal means and not by morale arguments. Otherwise cases like OJ Simson and similar ones wouldn't have happened. Why should external people help a convicted murder if Amanda Knox was in Italy where Italian laws apply.

  • Yes Amanda Knox should have to stand trial again subject to the laws of Italy.

    The crime (murder) that Amanda Knox is alleged to have committed occurred in Italy. Therefore she is subject to tried under the laws of that country. She was tried and found guilty by a court of record in Italy. She appealed, and under intense political pressure from the United States government, was granted bond and allowed to leave the country pending review by the Italian Supreme Court. That court has ordered a new trial, she needs to honor the conditions of her bond and return to Italy to be tried.

  • Yes Amanda Knox should have to stand trial again, as ordered by the Italian Supreme Court.

    Amanda Knox was tried and found guilty under Italian law. She appealed and the Court of Appeals found some merit in her claims and released her on bond pending a final review by a higher court. She was allowed to return to the US on her promise to return if required.

    The Italian Supreme Court has ordered a new trial, consistent with the finding of the lower court. She needs to be tried again as required by Italian law.

  • AN ASTOUNDING NO! She should never have gone to trial, with no evidence to even hold her on.

    They used such emotionally brutal tactics to break her down in a 24 hour interrogation without a lawyer. There is no evidence of Amanda taking part in this horrific crime but there is a great deal of evidence that Guede was there, had sex with Meredith, was in the blood and more. The Italians got quite a sensational trial with world wide coverage by misconstruing the naiveté of a young girl who was way out of her element, without any evidence of being involved. Amanda Knox should never have been imprisoned or tried for this terrible murder so there shouldn't even be the question of her having to stand trial again. Meredith was a victim of a brutal crime, Amanda is a victim of brutal injustice. Enough is enough, let her have her have her life back. Let's not make it two daughters lost. I wish for Amanda to find peace and joy in her life. I also wish for Meredith's family to find the truth, get closure and be able to celebrate their beautiful daughter.

  • By far no and the Italian government should be sued for this

    Her rights had been infringed on from the start of entire investigation. From illegal interrogation with no lawyer present that is required by Italian law, to physical torture and humiliation and deprivation of basic life support such as food, water, and sleep, to sexual harassment by police and prison guards, to ultimately the Innocence Project already proving by DNA test that it was not her who killed victim.

    This case should be thrown out of the window and Italian Government have to pay her restitution for false and grossly erroneous conviction of what they simply wanted to make high profile case for themselves.

  • Stand Up For Human Rights And Against Double Jeopardy

    Next time a country will want us to extradite someone after a double jeopardy trial when they are so clearly innocent or when they are being tried for something like sodomy that shouldn't be illegal in the first place. There is a reason why double jeopardy should not be allowed. It invites corruption and it means once you think it's over it still might not be. How do the Italians not understand this? We should refuse to extradite her if this trial in absentia (another thing we wouldn't do here) results in a guilty verdict and Obama should deliver a speech against double jeopardy and how it is a pernicious evil that threatens people's rights and security. How is Italy not catching on? I thought Italy was an advanced, modern society.

  • No, America Considers this Double Jeopardy.

    She was acquitted by an Italian court. In American law, once you are acquitted of a crime you can't be tried for the same crime again . That is call Double Jeopardy. So, the US would not allow the extradition. She would have to stay in America or countries that don't have extradition or she could be arrested and extradited to Italy.

  • No, Amanda Kno should not have to stand trial again.

    Does that mean I think she is innocent? No, I think she is guilty as sin, but in our country we have double jepordy. Her sentance was overturned and even though it was wrong, she still has rights. I understand Italian law is different, but she is American and our law applies to her.

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