Should amarica get rid of the first amendment?

Asked by: Troyglidden
  • It needs to go

    Reedom FROM Speech! Freedom FROM Religion! You have no right to hurt people's feelings, the USA with it's 1st amendment looks backwards compared to the rest of the developed world. It's bad for the economy and people should not be able to say what ever they want ! . .

  • Deez nutz -ha gotham

    Yankees are peewees, i love asian dating sites. But i dont like racism. The united takes is going to be overtaken by facism ( donald trump), according to the deez nutz club the amendment needs to go because i is not an american ideal. What is american ideas besides corrupt capitalism and rapid government spending. We sould become communist where there is no class system and stuff.

  • Yes ppl shouldnt have free speech

    Free speech is bad we need feminism and black lives matter. Democracy is bad impeach trump i hate the alt right. If we had free speech ppl wold get offended and triggered and their ptsd would flair up and that is not fine. Free speech is bad. Get rid of first amendment. Also freedom of religion is bad, christianity is bad, everyone shood be muslim

  • True freedom of speech can end up hurting a lot of people.

    True freedom of speech could go very badly. If we have the right to say anything that you could possibly want, then someone could hurt a lot of people. With the right to say whatever you want, you could say something that would insult and hurt the general public, and thousands of others.

  • Yes get rid of it all it is is trouble

    This is the reason for all the niggers to be out of control and protests 24/7 send em all back to Africa also women's rights protest even though they have the same rights as anyone else. If you look at other countries they don't have as many niggers as we have in America

  • Yes, let's start by banning Troyglidden from speaking!

    Let's repeal the 1st amendment. We can start by banning Troyglidden and all of the people who are saying "yes" in a nonsarcastic way from speaking on the internet or in public. I'm sure they will not mind since they don't believe in freedom of speech anyways. They must not consider the right to voice their opinions to be very valuable so they won't miss it.

  • Wow....Reading between the lines

    Everyone loves to support the idea behind the first amendment being offensive because it gives people the right to say and pray how they want. People like troyglidden (see above in the"yes" section) think that gives people the freedom to say what they want..... Guess what it does! I can go out in public and say whatever I want. I have that freedom, that's what makes this country great. What people fail to realize, and why people want to scream that is offensive and needs to be changed is because a person that has freedom of speech might say something that another person would find offensive. But news flash, they have laws for people saying offensive things. So to state that we should get rid of freedom of religion and freedom of speech because someone that will be punished for saying something stupid is the most ignorant thing I have ever heard. That's like saying if my religion believes that it should be illegal for someone to blink, I have that right to believe in that religion. However!!! I can not force my beliefs on other people, and that is exactly why this is the greatest country in the world. Because I can have the freedom to say what, and to pray to whom or what I believe. Stop getting it confused. Bottom line you can say what you want and you can pray to who you want but if you say something offensive or for something up on someone else that's where you go wrong and it is punishable by different laws.

  • Troyglidden is obviously just a troll,

    America is not the only country in the world with legal protection for its people to speak, and the presentation of Troyglidden's stance is so over-the-top that I find it hard to believe he isn't just playing a joke. . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Free speech is a blessing!

    If you get rid of free speech the government will have complete control over who gets elected, what laws are passed, and what we the people can say and do. We should have the right to petition. That doesn't mean we need to riot or anything like that. We need to be peaceful with our words but still use them to help build our country.

  • You want dictatorship?

    Look at it this way: the only countries without some form of protection of speech have been dictatorships and extremely restrictive governments. If you have a problem with the government, but you don't have free speech, then you can't do anything to fix the government. Would you like to be powerless, forced to bend over to your government?

  • It is really sad how much stupidity there is in the world.

    So Troyglidden, you want to force people to say what you want them to say and make them believe what you want them to believe in, and you're calling that freedom? Boy, oh boy. You're an extremely super special kind of stupid, aren't you now? Go back to middle school civics, you dogmatic moron.

  • Keep America Free

    You do NOT have a right to NOT be offended, and therefore, EVERYONE should have the right to say whatever they want unless it is a matter of inciting violence or serious national security matters. That is what makes the US such a great country. If you are offended by someone's words, you can cry a little and eat an ice cream and feel better, little children.
    Seeing the 20% of people opposing our constitution's very foundation is a perfect reason why Democracy is a failure of a system. The masses are too uneducated to do what is right for the nation, which is why the US is a Republic, it should stay a Republic.

  • No Absolutely Not

    There's no reason the 1st amendment should be appealed. The whole point of America in my opinion is a place where people from different backgrounds can come together and express themselves as individuals. This does mean that you have the freedom to hear things you may disagree with or find offensive, but it also grants you the freedom of rebuttal. This is how debates spark and ideas are shared. I certainly don't advocate purposely being mean to others, but if you cannot express yourself, you are living with the idea that your personality does not matter unless it assimilates with the ideas of the majority. I find this very dangerous in a country as big and diverse as America.

  • That is wrong

    The First Amendment is about the right to be able to speak whatever you want to say, That might offend another person politics, Religion or morality for if they disagree with what you say they can open their mouths back too, No matter who is right or wrong. The only thing that it does not protect, Making a threat to physically harm some on or to kill them and attempting to take action from it as well as bullying or making serious false cry wolf, Like making a joke that a bomb is about to go off in the mall in 3 minutes, Causing duress and stress and possibly injury as the shopper would run out of the mall quickly. If a family filmmaker or stage impresario uses real murder or real brutality in their show, Like real bullets, In which the actors would be dead after the first take or an adult filmmakers uses real children or teenager, With or without adults sexually performing with them or a real dead body for the necrophilia sequence, Which is unhealthy, As opposed to a sex actors pretending to be dead body or the use of real rape should never be protect by the first, Amendment, Portrayed yes, Actual no.

  • No, Not at all

    I see a lot of "freedom of speech" posts on here but I think you all aren't looking at it as clearly as you should be. The 1st amendment isn't just about your speech, It's religion, And freedom to press as well. By removing the 1st amendment you are not just removing your right to your religion but also if you don't have one. Without the 1st amendment the United States could actually be compared to Saudi Arabia where they stone people who aren't of their religion. Not just Christians will be affected, Everyone will. Atheists could attack Muslims and the other way around with no rights to stop them. The government could decide to revoke all religious freedoms so you will no longer be allowed to go to church or anything. As well as they could force everyone to be one religion.

    Without the freedom to press, CNN or Fox News could slander any single person (they already do this anyway).

    What you all don't understand is the Constitution does not support the slandering of a person, Cursing, Blackmail, Or a number of other things. Thereof instead of getting rid of the 1st amendment, People should be petitioning for another amendment to be added; sealing the "no hate speech" problem.

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