Should Amazon be allowed to deliver by drone in the USA

Asked by: TechX16
  • No— it's a stupid idea.

    There is too much automation, and too many human jobs being replaced by robots. This drone thing that Amazon wants to do is a complete waste of time, and an invasion of privacy and safety. How often will these drones crash, and more importantly, will they be able to see what people are doing. One person commented "just don't walk naked in front of your window." While it may sound like a reasonable request, that's basically stating that if you do anything stupid like that in front of a window, a drone could see you and it could make you look bad if it appears on the internet, or what you are doing is harmless, but is perceived or misinterpreted as wrongful or illegal. Your own home is pretty much the only place you can walk around naked, among many other personal activities. If it is true that an Amazon drone could catch you if you happen to be naked in front of your window, then this is a complete invasion of privacy and an unnecessary advancement considering that the manual labor done to deliver packages is just fine.

  • Free drops bruh

    Man I hope this becomes a thing, so I can just wait outside and get some sick free skeet shooting practice. Id just wait outside and blast one of those flying robo things with my 10-gauge and sell the DVD's in them for profit. God Bless America you dumb idiots

  • The technology needs to be developed.

    Automated delivery is a great idea for many core reasons:

    1. Expansion and greater reliability since creating weather resistant drones would give rise to stronger and more reliable delivery services in harsh climates.

    2. Cost of human labor and sorting would go down even further which is good not only in business but also in relation to management and logistics of small package movements.

    3. Privatization of this technology among competitors would simply increase drone viability. Automation would begin to have wiser and wiser components and sooner or later new ideas and methods for transport could cut time by even more granting even same-day services.

  • Amazon should be allowed to deliver by drone in the USA

    Amazon should be allowed to deliver by drone in the USA.Now, companies like Amazon and Google are taking that idea one step further, experimenting with airborne drones to deliver parcels to customers’ doorsteps mere hours after they make a purchase. I think drones should be allowed to deliver packages because it wold be faster to get your packages. I also think that it should be controlled by a person because it wold be safer and it wold create more jobs. Amazon should be allowed to deliver by drone in the USA.

  • Why would you need to?

    There's no need to deliver by drone, just do it classical.

    Just pay someone to do a job, even so I don't know why everyone is trying to update themselves so much. Take Virgin for example, they want to give people one way tickets to space, but is that needed?

    I still don't understand this matter that much but, yeah, nevermind.

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