• Agreement with Utah entitles Amazon to 18% of sales tax

    Obviously, Amazon is entitled to the 18% of sales tax collected for Utah sales based on the agreement the company has with the state. However, all other companies should not have the same consideration and have a valid argument to request more than the typical 1.31 percent they now receive.

  • Amazon Not Exempt

    Amazon should not be immune to the drudgery of taxes, any more than any other entity. There is really no argument that would justify a large corporation exemption, in any percent, from paying the same taxes as everyone else. If anything at all, a large corporation should pay more taxes than individuals or smaller businesses considering their profit margin.

  • No, Amazon should not be entitled to keep 18% of sales tax in Utah.

    No, Amazon should not be entitled to keep 18% of sales tax in Utah. The sales taxes paid by Utahans for goods bought online is for services such as police and fire protection, public schools, roads and libraries. This money should stay in Utah and should not go to Amazon.

  • No, they should not.

    This is not how sales taxes usually work and allowing Amazon to keep thes sales from taxes is unfair to both other businesses in the state of Utah, and to their customers in Utah. Sales taxes are usually paid to the
    local, state, or federal government that imposes them and they are used for services in these places.

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