Should Amazon pay local taxes for doing business in the European Market?

  • Amazon should absolutely pay taxes in European nations if it wishes to sell and send goods to these nations.

    Amazon has a legal responsibility to pay the taxes of any nation it contracts to sell and operate in. Amazon should not be exempt from paying taxes in European nations for the simple fact that they are taking advantage of the nation's economy and citizens, and if they are doing so, they should be subject to the same taxes the citizens and companies of these nations pay.

  • Yes, Amazon should have to pay European taxes.

    The law is the law, and taxes are taxes. No business, including Amazon should be able to bypass the taxes imposed by European government. Any business can re-coop these added taxes by adjusting the prices of items, so all in all, this will not hurt Amazon, but it may bring sales down slightly.

  • It's only fair.

    Michigan recently passed a law that will force Amazon to pay sales tax, because they are losing a great deal of sales tax revenue, now that shopping has gone online. Sales tax is one of the fairest taxes, because it is flat, but rich people buy the most. There is nothing wrong with wanting Amazon to pay their share.

  • No to Europen Taxes!

    Amazon and American companies shouldn't pay internet taxes in foreign companies. We aren't getting special internet taxes here. This is hogwash! The socialist Europeans want everything taxed so they can create their false utopia. That just isn't the American way. They need to get themselves together over there and stop redistributing wealth.

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