• Anyone can be taken advantage of

    Ambush marketers approach with the next big deal. It is seemingly too good to pass up. It is so good, in fact that once it begins to sell, it will catch on and be very valuable. In order to make quick money and expand operations we will offer this to you for a low price! This is a typical scam used by ambush marketers to force a decision on the spot, not providing a person the chance to review what they are actually buying. This often works, but by using abusive fear tactics. Nothing grave and yet, the individual doesn't want to pass up a great deal. Other examples are people selling expensive goods at cut rates, which are either forgeries or stolen.

  • Keep it Going

    Ambush marketing a should not be universally banned. First of all, a universal band on anything, including on ambush marketing, is virtually impossible to enforce. Secondly, people should bear responsibility for their own purchasing decisions. They should not blame the marketing practices of others when ultimately they are responsible for what they buy.

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