• Yes we should!

    We are always tired wherever we are. In the workplace, on the job site, or at school. I, personally, believe that even a short 10 minute nap would do wonders for our tired minds. Imagine what we could do in all the time we complain about being tired... We could learn much more, or pay more attention easily. We demand our naps!

  • That sounds nice.

    Yes, America should adopt a policy of taking afternoon naps, because naps are enjoyable. It is nice to be able to stop thinking about work for a little while and go home for a nap. That would make the day better. It would be nice to be able to forget about life in the afternoon.

  • America should adopt a policy of taking afternoon naps.

    America should adopt a policy of taking afternoon naps. Unfortunately, that is not going to happen. We are a society that does not have enough hours in the day to accomplish what we want to accomplish. Those that chose to take a nap would be at a disadvantage to those that chose not to nap.

  • Yes, a good idea but unworkable.

    The European and South American culture values time spent at home and time spent at rest in between work periods and so the day is geared around that. This is not true in the United States and it would be very hard to convince this workaholic culture to leave time for a nap.

  • I would love this.

    I am a firm believer that a good nap can make some ones day far better and much more productive. I think that if an employer were to adopt a 15 minute cat nap strategy that he would see near instant jumps in productivity as well as far happier employees in the workplace.

  • What a waste of life

    There is absolutely no need for this. Humans only need to sleep about 6-8 hours a day, why spend more sleeping. If you had another hour nap every day then you just wasted 365 hours a year!

    That's well over 1000 hours every 4 years you could be doing some,thing worthwhile.

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