• Yes thay should

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  • Investment for the future

    Yes, it would cost money to change signs and such, but it's a small cost considering it's preparing the American youth for the future. The entire world uses the metric system; in fact, most American teenagers are already familiar with it by the time they reach high school because it's used in virtually all math and science classes. It's just more of a hassle to have to convert back and forth! Stop making it more complicated than it has to be!!

  • Yes sir E

    Yep that sounds about right. It would make things much simpler and any confusion would dissipate over one or two generations. There would be less pharmacological and medical errors while tiring to convert. You would need less measuring devices within your house hold and it would be a lot easier. Yep

  • America should adopt the metric system

    I believe America should adopt the metric system of measurement, because first of all, it is easy to use. You just multiply/divide by a power of 10. Second of all, it is embarrassing to America that such a big country still uses metric. And finally, the imperial system is prone to error. For example 300.8 in= how many inches and feet? However, in the SI system, 300.8 cm is easily 3 meters and 80 cm.

  • No they shouldn't.

    No America should not adopt the metric system because it would mean having to change a ton of stuff. The road signs would all have to be changed and around a billion people would have to learn how to use the metric system. I think this would be way more trouble than it's worth.

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