• Yes, we should.

    Some Americans behave as if dual citizenship is a bad thing and as if you are being a traitor to the United States if you even hint that you want to live in another country. But, I think this is a good idea as it gives people good perspective and new understanding.

  • Yes, dual citizenship would benefit America.

    Yes, dual citizenship would allow such a citizen the freedom of being an American while retaining the heritage of their home country. I think dual citizenship would allow more diversity into the United States and open up a lot of doors that had been previously closed. Dual citizenship would have dual benefits for both parties involved.

  • Passports Go Both Ways

    3. The United States of America is an entire nation predominantly peopled by the descendants of pilgrims and immigrants coupled with the minority descendants of native peoples. It is natural for a human to not only embrace the new life and possibly the lifestyle they were raised with in the USA, but it is equally as important and natural for a person to embrace their cultural identity and ethnic heritage from abroad. By allowing dual citizenship, the United States not only allows for people to more easily travel to and feel connected to their ethnic homes, but it also allows for something more legally important. When an unethical, illegal, or other questionable act is committed overseas by a person who is an American citizen that either was a citizen of that country or never was, dual citizenship allows the country in question to have jurisdiction over immediate and more efficient handling of smaller problems which often clog the system for larger problems that attempt to be handled by Amnesty International. While this might open the USA's citizens up to more unethical treatment in already unfriendly nations, it is understood that there is a risk travelling to that nation. Allowing for dual citizenship would also deter in certain circumstances the ‘leverage’ other nations might claim to have in holding an American Citizen hostage. Americans with dual citizenship would not have any less loyalty or commitment to this great nation, but they would have a deeper appreciation for it after seeing their ethnic home and possibly some of the strange and difficult problems their people face!

  • No dual citizenship should be allowed.

    The name of the country is the United States. Get it right next time. And no, I am not in favor of any nation offering dual citizenship. You either pledge your allegiance here, or you pledge it somewhere else. Citizenship conveys an entire range of benefits and rights, it's not something you pick and choose.

  • No, it's safer to not allow it

    Dual citizenship makes it easier for people to travel from country to country, and it therefore makes it easier for terrorists and other shady types of people to breach our borders. Not all people who want dual citizenship are shady, but it should not be allowed for the safety of the citizens.

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