Should America allow innocent people to be harmed rather than give in to terrorists by living in fear?

  • No longer live in fear

    As sad as it is, I agree that sometimes innocent people may be harmed to maintain our freedoms and way of life. I don't think that it is always the right choice every time but I don't think shunning the idea that someone might get hurt is always the best idea. In rough situations we have to do what is right for all parties involved and that doesn't always mean that everything goes perfectly, not everything is ideal. Sometimes people get hurt.

  • Fear is controllable.

    A nation living in fear does so by choice. The government suggests it, the media promotes it, and people are generally scared because that's what sells things. People buy guns out of fear. They buy staples out of fear. They spend more taxes on tanks and soldiers because they live in fear. This is the current US state of mind. Because of this fear, Americans have given up their rights in the name of security. That is how the NSA can collect metadata, and claim its within the law. They violate every ones rights, so its ok.

  • America must learn to rise up from apathy, blind prejudices and grow as nation.

    The bombing of the World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001 has left America with an odd complex and paranoia that crippled the economy, slowed innovation and growth, people scrambling to blind hate-crimes, often extremely prejudiced, even discriminatory thoughts and hate filled legislation bordering on violating the Bill of Rights. The same complex threw the nation into wars that have spanned over a decade with bitter feelings across the board.
    As the decade was gone on, the same fear has become apathetic and blind misconceptions about terrorism and terroists in general. Terrorism is not in any creed, race, religion or label people may think they can safely box and categorize. Americans must clearly educate and protect themselves, rather than turning a blind eye and putting hopes on legislation that violate not only the rights of their fellow humans and Americans but also will in time may fester and violate their own.

  • A Loaded Question

    I honestly don't think this question is a good one. It's loaded with bias that makes people want to support the governments spying tactics that include all of us. Personally, I want privacy. I also want to protect my rights to free speech. The US government has used fear tactics, as this question does, to strong arm people into giving up their rights. You can't justify that by saying people will be harmed.

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