Should America and Other Countries Use Private Military Companies to Combat ISIS?

Asked by: JoshIseler
  • Will Help Destroy ISIS Faster

    America and other countries are reluctant to send ground forces to attack ISIS because they don't want a bloody war. Even though the airstrikes are helping they aren't doing enough. Airstrikes have recently been doing less and less damage and ISIS is growing larger each day. The easiest way I see to fill the gap which is ground combat is by using private military companies like Blackwater. It would mean no US ground intervention or drawn out wars with certain countries. In conclusion, I believe that ISIS would be dealt with faster if private militaries were used to combat the issue.

  • No Military Should be Used

    I keep hearing about different ways to COMBAT ISIS. One user over on the other side of this poll argues that these companies "would help destroy ISIS faster". This assumes that ISIS can, in fact, be destroyed. Al Qaeda continued to exist after Bin Laden was killed, correct? The Taliban is still around, correct? Both these organizations are still around and STILL FIGHTING. What our idiot politicians don't realize (or refuse to admit on purpose, more likely), is that wars only end DUE TO AGREEMENTS. I guarantee you no war has ended in which no agreement was reached. No wars have been won by this method because this method would require complete annihilation of the enemy (everyone within the enemy's organization). Complete annihilation of all of a combatant organization's members has not yet occurred in practice, and never will occur.

    Now, you might say that being escorted at gunpoint into a transport aircraft by Navy SEALs is a form of agreement. That is true. That is also not the type of agreement we must pursue to ensure peace! We must discuss things diplomatically with ISIS and be prepared to compromise. Do you REALLY know why they hate America? It's because we've had our nose in their country's business since 1953. Why don't we just pull out? We're concerned about what ISIS could do to us, right?

    NO. We're concerned about what ISIS could do to our INTERESTS. ISIS' goal is taking over places that we import oil from and control both economically and politically. Here's the reason our politicians won't reason:
    INTERESTS. Benefits to the rich! Capitalism is not first intended to provide a wide supply of goods; it is first intended to serve the business owners and their cohorts. If we compromise with ISIS and leave their homeland alone, we will also lose our hold over Iraq's resources, government, and economy. This organization, ISIS only exists in the first place thanks to the U.S.. Guess where they got their rage from? U.S. intervention. What about weapons? Also U.S. intervention.

    Fighting fire with fire doesn't accomplish anything.

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