• Yes, they should.

    This pipeline would mean millions of jobs, millions of extra gallons of oil and gasoline, and millions if not billions of dollars in total revenue for the United States economy. Despite the building costs, it would repay very quickly and would be really worth it in the long run for money.

  • It would lower costs.

    Yes, America should approve the Keystone XL Pipeline, because it would lower energy costs. The impact on the environment would be minimal. The Pipeline would reduce our dependency on foreign oil and it would not upset sea life by drilling in the ocean. The plans are already there, someone just needs to hit the go button.

  • Yes, I think America should approve the Keystone Pipeline.

    I think America should definitely approve the Keystone Pipeline, I think it will provide a tremendous source of oil from Canada into America, I think that America needs to make sure that the environmental concerns are dealt with to a reasonable extent but it shouldn't stop the project from being approved.

  • not at all

    NO, they do not need to push this on through, since it will end up just making a whole lot of trouble for the nation, and that it will end up being a thing that is going to do so much damage to the environment it is not worth it.

  • No We Shouldn't

    I do not believe America should approve the Keystone XL Pipeline. We don't need this pipeline going through the country so Texas can get more oil. We need to spend time and money finding alternatives to oil, not simply trying to get more. It's a finite resource. We will run out.

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