Should America ban entry by Islamic Foreign Nationals?

Asked by: Throwback
  • No, we should never

    We cannot permit people who confess to a ideology which advocates for totalitarian regimes, the oppression of women and the slaughter of innocent people on account of their religion integrate into our culture. During World War Two, we would never permit Nazi German Nationalists to enter our nation, their ideals are foreign to our constitution, and contradictory to morality in general.

  • Islam is Incompatible with Western Society

    Foreign nationals ought to be prohibited from entry into the United States if they are followers of Islam. This sickness has already done enough damage to America. Those who are American citizens are here to stay and must be afforded all the rights and privileges associated with that status. There is no such thing as a right of a foreigner to enter into this country. A foreigner can be legitimately denied entry for even an arbitrary reason. They have no standing to make a claim on the country. We ought to exercise our power to protect ourselves as much as we can against the Islamization of America.

  • Not a full ban but there definitely needs to be a thorough vetting process.

    When is the last time japan had a Muslim terrorist attack? Because they are extremely critical of who they let in, having just around 5000 Muslims total in their country. This country is about freedom and equality for all and should strive to keep out anyone who would oppose such notions.

  • Islam makes a lot of very damaged people because of gender apartheid

    They are a risk to others because of covering, fasting (before during or after pregnancy), and the routine abuse of women.
    Even if stopped in this generation trauma is inherited and harms attachment harming the infant brain further.

    Its the customs and religiosity which are a problem not a modern person with western values and an internal belief in a loving God.

  • 1. Unconstitutional 2. Would interfere with the war on terror and further destabilize the Middle East

    1. It's unconstitutional. We can't make laws that treat people differently based on their religion. It's in the first amendment. Read it!

    2. The United States has taken the stand that we're not anti-Muslim, we are only against religious extremists and terrorists. If we ban all Muslims, regardless of whether they are peaceful Muslims or not then we are taking the position of being anti-Muslim, which would just inflame tensions and break down relationships of trust the US has forged with peaceful Muslims. Furthermore, it would make it impossible for the US to contribute to peace and stability in the Middle East, or to fight effectively against ISIS or other terrorist organizations. Governments of peaceful Islamic countries that currently receive our help in fighting against terrorists, such as Iraq would likely respond to American laws discriminating against Muslims by refusing to allow our troops there. If Muslim countries refuse US help against terrorism then the result could be more Muslim countries taken over by terrorists.

  • It will not solve a damn thing

    Prohibiting Muslim foreigners from entering the United States is wrong on so many levels; it's prejudicial for the main part. What if they have a friend, relative or family member who attends an American university and want to visit? What if they want to do some sightseeing? Plus, ISIS will use it as propaganda to get supporters.

  • No- this would violate the first amendment

    "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances"
    ^^US constitution, first amendment. It would be in conflict with the first amendment to ban specifically Muslims from entering the US. Yes, Islam has a potential to be incredibly problematic in the wrong hands, but so too does Christianity and any other religion for that matter. We should be working WITH religious communities in order to deal with the many atrocities which are committed in the name of God by people of all faiths.

  • It will only fuel the fire

    ISIS is essentially using propaganda. This relies on the idea that we oppress Islam and elevate Christianity, which we have historically done. If we do this, not only will it be unconstitutional, it will serve to validity ISIS and their message and let them label us as anti-Islam, creating more desire and support for ISIS

  • It isn't right.

    This is incredibly wrong. We are supposed to be a nation that accepts everyone for who they are and champions freedom. Preventing Muslims from entering the country is wrong and stupid. Doing this will just provide more fuel for ISIS and other terrorists. This also discriminates against people because of their religion, which is against our founding principles. We can't let fear destroy the integrity of our nation.

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