Should America ban GMOs (genetically modified food) like 19 other countries?

  • GMO has Caused Sickness and Deaths

    Genetically Modified Foods in the past have caused people to get sick, has been linked to toxic reactions, and is responsible for over 1,000 deaths. For America's safety, banning GMO is a great idea. Would you rather have people get sick, or people in the US be healthy and happy?

  • They feed Humanity

    Changing the genes doesn't mean they're bad. They're the reason we can support a world population of over 7 billion people. GMO grain and wheat has yielded enough food to feed many, Many people. The harms are relatively unknown. How will a fat vegetable harm anyone? A fat gene or high reproducing gene won't harm plants or humans.

  • GMO does not mean chemicals.

    Genetically modified organisms can be created by simply picking and choosing which plants a farmer will use the seeds from. Genetically modified organisms have existed since the Bronze age, And they sure will not be going any where any time soon. Oh dang i need 9 more words o no

  • Good luck with that!

    Everything is a GMO, Genetically modified organism. Dogs are GMOs, Corn is a GMO, We are GMOs. If you, Your ancestors, Or genes are altered, Or evolved to be more suitable for anything, Like environment or survival, You have been genetically modified, So it is considered a GMO. In fact, It is quite hard to find anything that is not somehow a GMO, Tomatoes, Domesticated dogs, Or even you.

  • No, we should not be banning GMO's yet.

    We've been told by companies that produce them that they're harmless and what not, so what we have now is an opportunity to prove they are right or wrong. Our focus should be on studying the affects of GMO's not banning them. I personally have never been keen to the idea of mutating crops from their original forms (as i think humanity has a bad habit of trying to pervert the world's natural beauty and functionality in respect to food chains and human development) but i'm not closed to the possibility that GMO's could be the answer to many of our food problems. Innovation is the way of change and i'm not against change.

  • We have been doing it for hundreds of years and we need to keep doing it in order to feed everyone.

    We have already been genetically modifying for hundreds of years.
    Not by directly splicing genetic information, but by selective breeding of the crops with the best characteristics. Gene splicing allows us to do this more quickly and allows for cross species genetics such as the bt crops which are crops that have been genetically modified to produce bt toxin to defend against pests, these crops pose of no threat to us as consumers. If you look at the evidence and the research that has be done on to these GMO's they are no more likely to harm you then the unmodified version.

    With the ever increasing global population in order to feed everyone we will need to result to GMO's its the only way.

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