Should America ban the Westboro Baptist Church from U.S. soil?

Asked by: Rhoane
  • It is wrong how they can pretty much picket at any funeral service

    I was recently looking at the Westboro Baptist Church P.O.V. And it is just disgusting of how they picket mostly at solders funerals. And its sad how kids that are born with the members of the Church, they are brainwashed and so when they raise and picket funerals, they believe that they are doing the right thing. But they do not know that they are hurting other families. So I believe that America should ban the chruch from the U.S. Soil like what Canada did.

  • They're gonna become terrorists

    If America doesn't punish them now, they'll soon become terrorists. They have no problem with death and murdering innocents, and they are fanatically devoted to what they call "Christianity". How long until a second 9/11 happens? Eventually something like that will happen if these dogs continue to be let loose. Britain and Scotland already banned them, so why don't we?

  • Listen up America.

    Your precious "rights" are being horribly abused. The very foundation on which your country was founded on is being taken advantage of by it's very citizens. Protesting is simply stating your cause. What these f***ers are doing is going to the funerals of soldiers and protesting that his death is good. They're disrespecting the family, the friends, and the soldiers who knew this one soldier because you read about an invisible man in the sky. They're taking away their basic human rights and using the excuse that they have a right of free speech. The fact that these people haven't been killed by the wife of a soldier yet is bewildering. Maybe banning them from US soil is too harsh, but at least stop them from protesting.

  • Miguel says yes.

    You may have the right to free speech. You can say whatever you want about the government or anything else that you feel. However, if you go to a soldier's funeral and hold up signs that say "THANK GOD FOR DEAD SOLDIERS" then you have crossed the line. Those soldiers died for their right to say it and for the Westboro to go and do something so nasty like that is a big slap in the face to the freedom fighters of the United States of America. God bless the United States and have mercy on Westboro.

  • Yes, no free speech to harm others

    Yes, free speech should logically have limits as with any other right. Your rights should not let you harm others and infringe on their inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Your right to free speech does not include the right to yell fire in a theater causing a stampede so people get killed. It doesn't include the right to slander.

    Westboro is a family of lawyers calling themselves a church so they can picket and protest anyone and everything to garner public outrage trying to keep them out, so they can then sue for huge monetary rewards. Look up the Phelps Chartered Law Firm. These are despicable, corrupt individuals affiliated with no Christian organizations making a mockery of Christianity and religious freedom for personal gain.

    There is no fundamental right to be able to picket another person's funeral. That is logically immoral and harmful to a family, and I say that as a Christian who thinks homosexual marriage is wrong. Leave their families alone to grieve. The right to picket funerals is ridiculous and should not be allowed, the judges who allowed it should not have their positions.

    Westboro should be banned from U.S. Soil and their unjust gains returned, their members imprisoned and a message sent to any who would abuse our precious right to religious freedom for monetary reward.

  • Yes, they should be banned.

    They are awful people and should not be considered Americans. They are morally irresponsible and obviously a hate group. They are borderline terrorists who negatively impact the lives of many American citizens, most of those who are already being discriminated against. Americans should have a right to free speech but when that speech is doing nothing but hurting the lives of people it should be stopped.

  • Hell yes they should

    I'm sick and tired of seeing this every where I go. There is always some discussion about gays and if they deserve freedom and if they should have rights. I say hell yeah we should have rights! Just as much as the people that insult on the streets and call US the monsters! We're human just like everyone else. We don't need people like that or even a church like that calling us names and saying we should burn in hell.
    It's cruel and terrible and some of us are trying hard to live a peaceful life in a place where people see us as freaks. Well guess what I'm gay, and I'm catholic, and I'm an American citizen! And god has never punished me once in fact he's given me a fruitful life with a wonderful loving family and friends. I was baptized and I went to a catholic school for six years I've been under gods Wing for a very long time do NOT try and tell me that I'm going to hell and that god hates me because he doesn't. He's blessed me with that greatest gifts and opportunities so people like them should keep there mouths shut.

  • why the hel* not?

    I understand that they are doing everything legally, but they are really starting to piss off, lets say, everyone.
    They spread hatred and saying god hates everyone except for them. I don't know to much about law, but im sure there are some counts we can hold them for. I'm not sure if we can kick them out of the country, but there has to be something we can do to stop them.

  • Of course, how could anyone think otherwise?

    If the religious are so tired of criticism about how religion preaches nothing but hatred, then banning the WBC is exactly the thing that they should do, being the majority in the U.S. Until that day, people will continue using the WBC as a reference to the evil of religion. Also, put yourself in the place of the people who have had their loved one's funerals protested, or the many homosexuals forced to walk past their hateful signs and listen to their pernicious hymns, now ask yourself the question again. I think you'll find yourself with a different answer.

  • Abuse of Freedom of Speech

    This is a hate group, they are abusing their right of freedom of speech. Enough is enough, we should ban them just like Canada and the UK did. If they hate living in America so much then me can make their decision to leave much easier. Get them out of our country

  • They should be treated as a hate group rather than a religious group.

    The thing about all the countries that have banned these people is that the church is not based in those countries. Westboro Baptist has grown to what it is while residing in the US. Since they technically classify as a religion they're able to preach due to freedom of religion... This group does not represent the entire baptist religion they just spew their own hate and ignorance into the community. I don't believe that they should be banned from US soil, but I do believe that they should be punished for abusing their right of freedom of speech in such a derogatory and hateful manner. I'm talking jail time, fines, tickets, you name it. These hateful and profane messages should not be seen by the public, ESPECIALLY DURING A FUNERAL SERVICE.

  • No matter how horrible they seem, it's free speech.

    I couldn't disagree more with the approach these people take. It's an unfortunate example of how religion can nurture anger and hate. However, they have a right to free speech, same as me. To take away power from them would be to take away power from myself. Let them spread their hate, all they will get in return is resentment. They are no real threat, just a couple of arrogant protesters. Nobody takes them seriously, they have no real influence on anyone or anything.

  • No they shouldn't.

    This is quite simple. I agree that they are not good people. They preach hate under the guise of God, but just because they are lacking somewhere in their soul doesn't mean they should be banned. It's like banning any radical group. Just having different, albeit, extreme, opinions doesn't constitute being banned from the U.S.

  • Amendment 1 of the United States Constitution.

    Under the first amendment of the United States Constitution those who reside on our country are allowed to practice freedom of religion. Because of this amendment people like those who are apart of the Westboro Baptist Church are allowed to practice what they want even if the religion cause hurt and even the religion practices like slander and propaganda on a regular basis. Another part of the same amendment that protects them is the Freedom of Speech. No matter how offensive a comment or action can be the person who issues that comment is allowed to do so under Freedom of Speech. If we take away of these amendment we will desecrate the Constitution that protects the American people from even its own government.

  • 1st Amendment Protects them.

    Although I strongly disagree with what they do, they are protected under the constitution to say whatever they please. If we ban them, what speech will we outlaw next? The "f word"? The "n word"? Crude words for body parts? Part of what makes America good is having the freedom to say whatever you want, no matter how poor in taste. Banning this group would be un-American and unconstitutional.

  • 1st Amendment Protects them.

    Although I strongly disagree with what they do, they are protected under the constitution to say whatever they please. If we ban them, what speech will we outlaw next? The "f word"? The "n word"? Crude words for body parts? Part of what makes America good is having the freedom to say whatever you want, no matter how poor in taste. Banning this group would be un-American and unconstitutional.

  • Bringing stupid idea into the public eye is the best way for people to refute them and see their stupidity,

    All banning them will do is foster mistrust and hatred for the banned group . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • I'm shocked this is even a debate.

    Of course not! Obviously, they are bigoted and hateful and I completely disagree with their viewpoints, but so what? Just because you don't agree with someone's perspective doesn't mean you can ban them! Whatever happened to free speech? If you don't agree with the beliefs of the church, why don't you refute them; the only reason to ban anything is because you are afraid that your viewpoints cannot stand on their own. If something is true, you don't need to try and censor something that goes contrary to your views. Who are you to say what people can and cannot say. That is a slippery road. No! Of course you cannot ban a church just because it runs contrary to your views. If you disagree, start your own church that believes otherwise, but don't try to silence a people group. That's called censorship! Yes, I agree it would be fair to make regulations prohibiting them from protesting near a funeral, but that's not what this question is espousing. The questions is asking if they should be BANNED and the answer quite clearly is "ABSOLUTELY NOT!!"

  • Free Speech. Period.

    Under the First Amendment, WBC's freedom of speech is undeniably protected from censorship legally. They have the right to say what they want, no matter how terrible. However, what they do not have is the right to say these things without repercussions. If at all possible, I would say that the remainder of the American population has just as much of a right to defend and respond against anything that WBC does. Counter protest, be louder than they are, and please challenge them on their logic. There are hundreds of logical loopholes in their teachings. If we can drown out their hate, they'll fade out.

  • That's not how we roll in America.

    Make no mistake: Fred Phelps and his Westboro Baptist Church are disgusting, shameful and embarrassing to every person in the United States. However, we have a little something here called the First Amendment, which allows them to speak as shamefully as they desire. We can't start picking and choosing what kind of speech we'll allow, because who knows when it'll be your turn for a ban if we do?

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Anonymous says2013-06-27T01:40:17.523
Sure, why not? Fred Phelps definitely sounds like a Calvinist Nazi. Why not deport him to England or Germany if that's what people wants?