• Yes bomb sandwitches

    I think amerika is a good cunty. If we had dicktatorship we wuldnt have to wury about donaldd duck. But we should make all the food in the picture because im really really hungry and if we had diktatorship we would all have the food and isis would b ded like the pants.
    So in conclusion, a dictatorship would work wonders on the american populus allowing us to boost food production to feed africa and we could drop a bomb on utah just because i dont like utah. Yes.

  • Why do you keep posting this?

    You sir, are the definition of a "Troll". You must be the reason that.... Nevermind.

    No, America should not be a Dictatorship for under the rule of a totalitarian we would be forced (as a people) into chaos. Take Hitler and Nazi Germany for example, Hitler said great things would happen to the German people should he be in power. Then he became KOO KOO and started the German expansion 1932-1940 which in the end caused the second world war, which again in the end, made the German people miserable.

    Do you really want this to happen? If so you truly must go to North Korea, I heard their leader is a real nice man. He has concentration camps too! Not to mention he also executed his uncle with an anti-aircraft gun.

    No matter, do not post this anymore.

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