• Cutthroat Capitalism only benefits the wealthy

    Scandinavian countries have picked the best of right and left. It's time we re-defined the word "Swedenization" – instead of a slur, it's an example of smart economics. The far right thinks that by crying 'Socialism!' they are ending the argument. And yet, the countries that run on a democratic socialist model (Sweden, Finland, Norway) boast a robust economy, and routinely score at the very top of the international 'happiness index' where the US scores much closer to the bottom.


  • The Nordic Model Works

    I think the worst fear of the conservative right is that the Nordic model works. Yes, Nordic countries don't have nearly the same population as America does. But Nordic countries are some of the happiest on Earth, they have some of the best healthcare, and have some of the highest standards of living in the world. We can learn a lot from them, specifically Sweden.

  • Different Culture Accounts for Differences in Happiness

    The Swedish culture is very different from the American culture. In Sweden, they are fine with sacrificing freedom because of "equality", in America freedom is respected. For example with the free healthcare issue. Some people believe that hospitals don't help you if you don't have the money- that is complete bull. Hospitals are forced to help you if you do not have the money, the only problem is that you would end up with debt. And what does debt cause-unhappiness!. Even though it causes unhappiness, it is still no excuse to take away from the many successful(making them less happy) in order for you to be happy. Fun fact, most millionaires work for their money, they don't inherit it. America is a place that supposed to reward success not the ordinary like Sweden does. If you are smart and work in America you will live better than in Sweden. In Sweden you do not need to work as much to have a medium-good Utopia, in the U.S, you need to be innovative to have the best Utopia. For those who do not like to work, Sweden seems like the obvious answer, however, is also a matter of freedom. It is important that we respect the freedom of the successful, which means not making them pay high taxes, for the sake of our happiness. There is also the issues that if we do not work, then we are not going to be able to innovate, or be anywhere as innovative as before. The truth is the more we innovate, the faster we will be able to get at innovating. If we innovate any slower, the consequences could be very serious, as mankind is not reaching is full potential. Our model(capitalism) is also similar to nature's model in some ways, for example, the race for survival in nature(work in capitalism) leads to evolution in nature(innovation in our society). If we slow down, it could cost lives because we would not be able to innovate(for example) cures for diseases such as cancer in the time-frame we had the potential to with capitalism. The ultimate goal of this innovation is to reach a type one civilization which is crucial for the future of mankind. Thank you.

  • Hell no, be like a country that has a racism problem, no thank you

    Sweden has the KKK, a brutal history of conquering other countries. Hatred of tomboys and autistic people. No, sir, that's not a country to emulate. Orthodox Lutheranism, no. England, Germany, France are more worth emulating that Sweden or Denmark. There is no Nordic model (who came up with that). Only a Nordic model of conquest, rape, lynching, racial violence -- that's what.

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