• Yes, the United States should

    Asking if the world needs a constable is like asking if New York City needs a police force,
    except without enforcers the world would crumble faster and into dust. The existence of
    rules is not enough to stop the breaking of them; there must be enforcers. The United
    Nations can rarely reach consensus on matters involving military environment, and
    certainly cannot do so swiftly, NATO is too large and unmanageable for military action,
    and the EU cannot muster an effective military force nor come to consensus on foreign
    affairs. The responsibility to keep the world in check falls on the United States.

  • No

    I believe that America should not be everyone else's policemen because what America fails to do because of this, is take care of the issues within our own country. Because of the fact that America has bailed so many other countries out of proverbial quicksand, we are now indebted to those foreign countries and they can choose to turn on us at any time. Meanwhile, we are helping everyone else and people in America are starving. I think it's time that the focus comes back to the United States.

  • Absolutely not

    America already has it's own issues of there own. The economy is still not great. We have a ridiculous debt. Obesity is running rampant not only in adults but children as well. America also has a culture of its own and has a tendency to push it on other rather than adapt to their's. For one to police another, they must be justified but also understanding and informed.

  • No, America definitely shouldn't.

    We have enough problems within our own borders. I think there's no reason to involve ourselves in matters that have nothing to do with ourselves. We should be focusing on taking care of our national deficit and focusing on issues that need to be resolved at home. We have enough on our plate without trying to take care of the world.

  • No, America Should Not Police the World

    America (the United States) is not a perfect society. Our justice system, economic system, education system, and healthcare system are severely dysfunctional and we need to first try to "police" ourselves before we can go out and try to tell "the world" what to do. Perhaps there should be a consortium of many countries, including America, who agree to help police each other, because no single country has it together enough to "police" any other.

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