• Take Care of Own Backyard

    Congress and the American government should take care of its own backyard first before reaching out into the world. Let's recall our military, close overseas military bases, shore up our borders and take care of our homeless and hungry people first. We need to forgo foreign aid to places like Israel and Pakistan and, instead, only provide assistance in emergency cases.

  • Yes, they should get out of other situations.

    The Americans need to learn to stay out of the business of other countries and keep to themselves in regards to foreign relations. Yes, they can help other countries, but they need to be more isolated because while we are making allies, we are also making tons of bad enemies.

  • Losing communication with other countries will lead America to negative direction

    Of course, it is almost impossible because this country will lose its credit by being isolated. In addition to that isolation will cause lack of economical reciprocation beyond US boarders. If US wants to continue rebuilding its economical and infrastructure; getting isolation will get it toward trouble, because import and export will be in a critical condition.

  • We have to help.

    No, America should not become more isolationist, because there are things that we need to do to help around the world. When a country is in civil war, we need to help. If there is a natural disaster, they need the resources that we can provide. We are meant to be a light on a hill.

  • Engagement is important

    There is no going backwards in the world to where a country can remain entirely self sufficient and remain isolated from the world. The US is no exception, and it makes little since to move backwards in terms of isolation. If anything, further multilateral or international engagement should occur to the benefit of all parties involved.

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