• Boycott the Olympics

    We don't want to lose any lives in a terrorist attack that the security forces could not defend against. It's a backstabbing web of lies that caused the world to be on it's knees of a attack on a crippiling senario.
    Don't do it, it's cool and all, but not for all.

  • America Should Not Boycott Olympics

    No, America should not boycott the Sochi Olympics as the Olympics are merely hosted in a country. They are not a part of the hosting company at all and instead are very much independent. In addition, America attending the Olympics shows that we are willing to use words to solve problems, and not might.

  • America should not boycott the Sochi Olympics

    Boycotting an Olympic games is an extreme measure that should only be taken when sending athletes to the games could place them in imminent danger. Olympic boycotts should not be used as a way to make a political statement about policy disagreement. Athletes train for many years to attend the Olympics and many of them only get one shot at them. To punish athletes to make an unecessarily strong political statement is wrong.

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