• Absolutely we should

    To all you people that said no. Let me ask you a question. How would know. How would you know what's like to be thee. My uncle had 2 tours of Afghanistan and a tour of Iraq. He had to watch his med die for guarding a oil well. Its not needed for our men to die for stupid things. The only thing that we need a few troops for is to train the government in other countries

  • America bringing troops home

    I personally agree,The ten-year anniversary of the war in Afghanistan is a somber moment. We must honor the ultimate sacrifice made by nearly 2,000 brave Americans. Congress authorized this war with good intentions -- to respond to the horrific attacks of September 11, 2001. We went after Osama bin Laden -- who orchestrated the attacks -- and a large majority of his al Qaeda followers. Ten years later, things have changed. Bin Laden is dead. al Qaeda has scattered around the world. And Afghanistan is in the midst of an internal struggle to weed out corruption and form a legitimate democracy. With bin Laden dead and al Qaeda largely gone from Afghanistan, I believe it is long past time to bring our troops home. On this 10th anniversary, I offer 10 reasons we should end the war in Afghanistan.

  • Yes We Should

    I believe the War on Terror is over. We've obtained the most important objectives and it's important for us to realize that a full "war on terror," simply isn't possible. For this reason I believe it is time to bring the troops home from Afghanistan. It's time to pull back our military and shrink it, so we can cut the defense budget.

  • We should bring troops home

    Yes, I think that now is the time to bring troops home from Afghanistan, and it has been long enough for this war and now is the time to end it. Our troops have been over there way too long, and deserve to come home and be with their families.

  • I agree that America should bring troops home from Afghanistan.

    I strongly believe that an non-essential troops should be withdrawn from Afghanistan. There are some exceptions such as troops working to help establish a military and other instances similar to this. However, the vast majority of troops are only providing security services which properly train Afghan military would more that be capable of doing.

  • Yes, America should bring home troops from Afghanistan.

    I think that the war of Afghanistan no longer has anything beneficial for America. I think it is something that is no longer beneficial for America to continue fighting for. Even though I agreed with the war, it is time for the United States of America to bring home all of the soldiers.

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