• America need China

    It is best to be on good relations with countries, especially one you need cooperation from, cooperation that you rely on. The US borrows a lot of money from China (its largest debtor in fact), and the two economies are very closely linked. A bad move could destabilise the economy and worsen it, which is a scenario nobody would like to see.

    In order to restrain North Korea, America needs to be on good terms with China, since China is pretty much the only country backing North Korea, and without China, North Korea would fall.

    There is also the terrorist problem in the Middle East. China shares borders and is extremely close to the Middle East, so China has the potential to become an important ally concerning the situation there since China has a lot of influence in the Middle East, due to its financial aid and geographical location.

    Russia is another major factor. By being on good terms with China, America can restrain Russia easier since China is pretty much the only strong ally Russia has.

    If America offends China or is on bad terms with China, there will be a lot more complications in handling many affairs and matters.

  • We Should Care What China Thinks

    Because the United States has borrowed so much money from China, and because of China's diplomatic ties with other parts of the world, it is important for the United States to maintain a good relationship with the country. Also, because some of China's allies are considered our enemy, it is important to maintain a good relationship and not offend China.

  • Yes, America should care about offending China.

    I think it is important that America be careful not to offend China. It is not that I am afraid of China but I think we should try as hard as possible to treat other countries with the same respect that we expect. Also "not offending them" does not mean that we should let them run all over us either. Again, it is all about respect.

  • China should not be offended.

    I would have to agree that America's should care about offending China. With China's help we were about to bring two Americans just this last week from North Korea and we did not have to give them anything in return, China is one of our biggest allies in Europe but they could also become one our biggest enemies if provoked.

  • Hahaha Nope... At least not yet

    The largest debtor of U.S. Debt is surprise ch--- No it's the U.S. Itself according to the bureau of the fiscal service of the U.S. Department of treasury.

    U.S. Investor's hold $4.14 trillion dollars
    China holds only $1.26 trillion dollars
    (As of 2013 January)

    Even if we did wrong China it couldn't economically hurt us because The Chinese have close to half of their cash reserves invested in U.S. debt meaning Poisoning the dollar would take the yuan right down with it.

    On a military view China is our rival in the Pacific Ocean but doesn't nearly have the strength to challenge us so as a military ally it is worth less; it even threatens are allies in the pacific japan,tawian and the phiilphines are some of those nations that have been threaten by China

    China views North Korea as a tool a buffer zone really from South Korea or more specifically U.S. Forces as long as North Korea exist the U.S. military cannot launch a ground offensive or what is called "power projection" through korea to the Chinese mainland.

    On a political view we have more political influence than China in most of the world, The only places it is on level with the u.s. Is Asia its own backyard.

    In conclusion China is a growing superpower but as of now there are just Only able to influence regions in the pacific while america can influence any part of the world. We should care somewhat as it is growing in power everyday and may one day become a global superpower but that day is decades away, they threaten our allies and interest in the region with constant military drills and build ups, so The United States has to offend China if we are to remain on top of the global stage and keep there power in check.

  • There is a difference between offending and differing in opinion

    The United States are China the world's largest economies. Each has vastly different histories and cultures. There are issues that the United States and China will never agree such as freedom of speech and movement for all citizens. As a country the United States has never been concerned with offending China; Americans are proud of who they are. The people of the United States have been concerned with differences of opinion of various subjects.

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