Should America change how it educates high school students?

Asked by: aaronj1314
  • I am so smart

    The reason why I am so smart is because I did not graduate from a lowly American high school. In my homeland of the Bouclier region, we have standards of education. Everyone who graduated high school up here is twice as smart as an American graduate. I am so smart I go to university for a degree in quantum physics. Going to school here means I can spend more time in the hobbies I love, which include skate sharpening, curling , and drap-burning.

  • Unnecessary and inopportune

    If America has such poor education then why does it have some of the most prestigious universities in the world namely Harvard and Stanford as well as Columbia, MIT, Princeton, and Yale. Additionally, America's education to this day has been immutable and as such it has produced some of the greatest minds in history, namely, John F Kennedy.

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