Should America close its Canadian border until the threat of foreign terrorism has passed?

  • Keep it open.

    America should not close its Canadian border until the threat of foreign terrorism has passed. This is because it seems very little terroristic threats come from the Northen border. It seems most threats come in through the East Coast by immigration or by the Southern border by people crossing illegally.

  • Should the US close its Northern borders?

    There are many snow birds who legitimately own property or rent properties in the southern states that contributes greatly to the tourism economy of the USA. This would be economic suicide for these states which include California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, Florida, and many other southern states.

  • The border with Canada should not be closed because it is Economically important

    The border with Canada should not be closed in spite of threats of terrorism because Canada is one of our most important trading partners. Every day hundreds of thousands of Americans and Canadians cross the border for both tourism and business without any incidents, so to let the mere threat of terrorism adversely effect this valuable exchange between two similar nations would be to give into terrorism and to let the terrorists control the situation, which is their goal.

  • No, the US shouldn't close it's boarder.

    I do not think that the Canadian boarder serves any sort of threat. It would not accomplish anything, only close off the country from Canada. There is not that big of a threat of terrorism anyway, I believe it is all over, or done from people on the inside, in which case closing the boarder won't help.

  • Closing any border will not deter terrorism.

    A government can close every border, surround itself with iron fences, arm citizens and still be vulnerable. Even by closing the border, the government would be isolating itself from the world. Cutting off America from its interdependence in this global economy will weaken the America's people; not save them. There is no immediate threat from Canada or anyone using its open border to cross into America. Closing Canada's border will have no effect on student visas, work visas, Mexican crossings or people attempting to patriot themselves into the country.

  • That border is secure.

    No, America should not close its Canadian border until the threat of foreign terrorism has passed, because if the border were closed, Americans would not be able to cross the border in order to buy and eat Kinder Surprise. Also, we have succeeded in catching the terrorists that have tried to sneak in from Canada.

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