Should America continue to be allies with Israel?

Asked by: Dash205
  • Yes we should.

    Israel has been a US ally sense they formed as a country. They were a major ally in helping us fight communism back during the cold war and the are a major ally in fighting Islamic extremism today. They are a stable democracy that follows equal rights of all citizens, including non-jews, homosexuals, and women (something most of their neighbors can't claim) and several other western ideals. They support nearly every dissuasion we make in the UN and have supported us in every conflict we have ever been apart of. They've been good friends and will continue to be good friends.

  • I am jewish

    Yes. Why not. This is a stupid debate. The answer is obvious. If they stop supporting isreal, isis will begin to attack since they dont have any support. Supporting terrorists is really stupid and they should just help the people in need. This is a dumb debate, because people are getting killed every day by isis

  • There are problems.

    In my opinion, Israel is too aggressive on Palestine. And in my opinion, this makes them look like the bad, little man in this scenario. But to burn the bridge won't stop them from making a two state solution. Threatening sanctions are America's best bet to getting them to negotiate.

  • Yes we should

    Israel is a nation which is surrounded by enemies. Many of Israel's enemies are also enemies to the US and would be an enemy to the US regardless of Israel's existence. Were Israel to fall, the Middle East would still be in turmoil and we would have lost a powerful ally.

    A History Lesson:
    Israel was created as a nation for the Jewish people. Jewish people have been mistreated, persecuted, enslaved, and murdered for thousands of years, starting way back in ancient times before even Christianity existed. This all continues until today. The Holocaust took the lives of six million Jews, and some time after WW2 ended, Israel as a nation was formed on May 14, 1948, and is a homeland for the Jewish people where they can be free from the constant persecution they've experienced throughout history.

    At least until you remember that the Muslim people seem to be wholeheartedly opposed to Israel. Is sharing a nation and coexisting not an option for the Muslims and Jews?

    It ought to be. But while much of the world seems to be bent on Israel's destruction, which seems to be inconsistent with ideas related to minority rights and the rights of the oppressed, Israel has no choice but to defend itself against those who mean it harm, just as any nation is allowed to do.

    And as a nation which fought in defense of the Jewish people, against Nazi Germany and its allies, America really ought to remember who its friends are and not abandon any friend in their time of need. If we abandon Israel, we might as well no longer consider ourselves American. It was Americans who fought against superior forces and fought overwhelming odds to give rise to this nation and we stand strong in the face of adversity and do so alongside our friends and compatriots. Land of the free, and the home of the brave. It is not brave to abandon Israel simply because the rest of the world has a problem with Israel.

  • Standing tall at their enemies' table --

    Simple facts (as in quick and hyperbolized):

    Israel is the strongest army in the region and they are a functional democracy which actually bothers to protect, respect, and encourage their women and men from all walks.

    Israel regularly works with other democracies to further efforts for peace in their region. They are the ONLY nation in the region seeking peace without the need for bloodshed. Every other nation which comes to the table still is seeking dissolving the Israeli state. Fact, Israel, with its military power, has yet to seek out a campaign of conquest or destabilization in the region.

    Also, the, the US is short on allies in the Middle East as it is. Our nation believes in inalienable rights for ALL people. So, why would we decide not to support the soul nation in an area which is mimicking that principal?

  • We give them our money and promise them our blood, but for what?

    What has the Israeli government ever done for us? They have never sent any troops to fight with us in any wars, even though our politicians would be delighted to do as much for them. In 2012, US tax payers gave Israel $3,100 million. Think of what we could do with that money here! Prime-minister Netanyahu, who was just re-elected, doesn't see destroying ISIS as a priority. He just wants to destroy Iran. "Oh, but Dash, can't you see that Israel is a beacon of freedom and democracy?" Is it really? Israel continues to destroy people's homes to build illegal settlements. It's occupying land that is legally recognized as Palestinian or Syrian.

  • Why should we.

    The real question is why should America support another country the way they support Israel. What do we have to gain. The answer is nothing. Their is nothing Israel could ever provide to America worth the thousands of American lives sacrificed to promote their interest. Don't confuse my sentiment. I am not concerned with their politics or border legitimacy and religious disputes however their is no reason to send billions of American dollars over seas for people of a different country. This goes for all countries. Israel is a big girl and she can take care of herself.

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601304192 says2015-03-19T09:38:19.677
Most of the countries in America have no connections with Israel let alone being allies. How can they CONTINUE their allyship when they aren't even allies. Especially South America, they don't even know Israel. They are a US ally doesn't mean they are allies with the rest of America. This is such a dumb and inaccurate question.