• Trading with China is important

    At this point in time, the US would deal itself a huge blow by ceasing to trade with China, and people who argue in favor likely don't grasp the magnitude of our dealings with them. Regardless of the wisdom of outsourcing factory and manufacturing jobs to China, the American people have been benefiting from drastically lower prices for years, and we simply don't have the ability to meet demand without their imports.

  • Yes, America should continue to trade with China.

    China has more man-force than America does, and more direct control over that man-force. One of the only things that China likes about America is the fact that America contributes to its economy. If America cut off ties with China, not only would America be forced to start making all of the things that China had supplied it with, it would also lose a reason that China had to not attack it. So, America should continue to trade with China.

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