Should America create a national holiday to remember the Armenian massacre?

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  • Not The Way

    I do not believe America should create a national holiday to remember the Armenian massacre. If we created a holiday for every significant historically occurrence we would constantly be celebrating holidays. I do not support this as we already have too many days set aside for American celebrations and issues anyway.

  • No, America should not create a national holiday to commemorate the Armenian massacre

    Although a terrible and tragic occurrence, it is only the latest in a long series of such events. If America commemorated every massacre and every instance of genocide, warmongering, and so on, there would not be enough days in the year to accommodate all the commemorative holidays necessary to cover all these events.

  • That's not how national holidays work.

    No. America has no business in creating a national holiday to remember the Armenian massacre. Make no mistake, that event was a horrible moment in history that resulted in death and suffering for thousands upon thousands of people. But it's not an American event, and we do not create national holidays for things that are not American.

  • US national holidays should pertain to the US.

    Although the Armenian massacre was a horrible event, it wouldn't be appropriate for the US to create a holiday to honor its victims. I think that if political figures want to give speeches in honor of them that's fine, but there shouldn't be national holidays about matters that have little to do with the US. Furthermore, it would almost be a form of favoritism to honor the victims of the Armenian genocide, but not the victims of all the other massacres (Rwandan genocide, Khmer Rouge, and many others).

  • Armenian Massacre rememberance

    I do not think America should create a national holiday for the Armenian massacre. We should recognized the disaster each year and honor the sacrifices and injustice done by the ones who died on that day. A national holiday in America is usually designated for an event that directly impacts America.

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