• The Us should stop funding most countries in the Middle East.

    We are in huge debt and need to focus more on our own country. Also time has shown that our funding has not fixed any problems, if anything it has caused problems, sending weapons/funding to counties which send it right back at us and our allies in the form of aggression. I believe it is still important to fund important allies like Israel and also to support the Kurds. Funds to Syria, the PA, Egypt and many others should stop, as it is unhelpful at best.

  • America should cut funding to the Middle East.

    The fact that we are spending billions of dollars in the Middle East is a little ridiculous. We have our own problems and we are in tremendous dept and the last thing we need to do is be fixing other places when we still need to fix ourselves from where we are today.

  • America should not cut funding to the Middle East.

    America should not cut funding to the Middle East. They need our funding more than ever right now, because that region is very volatile and could start the next world war any minute. They need American support so that they can get their countries back together and focus on preventing world war three.

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