• America Needs Better Methods for Curbing Gun Crime

    While the United States needs to curb its gun violence, gun control isn't the solution for this issue. For instance, the country should focus upon better controlling the weapons contained within the country. The government needs to promote education and infrastructure improvements throughout the country to lower crime rates as a whole.

  • America can do a lot about its gun crime.

    America should pass strong legislation to limit the number of guns in use immediately. They can also make laws that prevent people from owning excessive amounts of ammunition. There could also be laws that prevent people with mental illnesses or a history of violence from owning a gun at all.

  • America should do something about its gun crime.

    Of course America should do something about its gun crime.Until America addresses the fact that its gun crime is higher than it needs there will be unnecessary deaths and injuries due to gun crime.The first thing america should do is enact laws regarding who can and can not own guns.It's important that the mentally ill be kept away from guns.

  • I think that it’s very important that America does something about its gun crime soon.

    I think that it’s very important that America does something
    about its gun crime soon. This is
    getting out of hand. There is an unbelievable
    amount of gun violence in America. People
    can’t even walk the streets at night without having to worry about being robbed
    or killed. Something needs to be done.

  • Yes it should.

    America at the very least should expand it's background check program to all gun sales and stop allowing back door gun sales without them. We should also increase our awareness of mental health problems so that if you have a mental disorder then gun ownership is not really for you.

  • Of course.

    America needs to do something about gun crime. Gun related murders, and incidents are getting out of control and as a result something needs to be done. The possible actions that can be taken involve having greater restrictions on who can get a gun, as well as having stricter penalties for those who carry guns and do not have a license.

  • Yes, the sooner the better!

    Of course America should address its gun crime problem! How many more tragedies do we have to endure before we take action? We are the only first world country with such a terrible gun crime problem. It's disgraceful, and needs to be rectified before someone else shoots up a school, cafe, or movie theater!

  • Yes, how can we not?

    There is a huge difference between our right to bear arms, and the need for everyone to have them. It should be apparent that guns are just too available. I'm pretty sure that mother who owned those guns in Sandy Hook never thought they would be used by her son to kill her, let alone create the tragedy that occurred. We cannot control gun crimes without controlling guns.

  • Yes, we need to take action

    In the wake of the Connecticut elementary school shooting, it is clearer than ever that gun control needs to be revised. We need to start by banning the sale of assault-style weapons. These are often used in mass shootings and do an enormous amount of damage. These should be banned to limit casualties.

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