Should America eliminate grades and standardized testing?

  • Standardized testing is awful

    Schools are perfectly capable of testing the ability of their students without weeks of standardized tests. Testing changes every few years, so there is no way to gauge student improvement over their school lives. Kids do not need to be pressured into testing so schools don't lose money. There is way to much pressure on kids anyways.

  • Standardized testing shouldn't be as important as it is.

    I believe that standardized testing puts a lot of pressure on children and it isn't even worth a grade. Not only does it pressure the students but it also pressures the teachers and the school. We shouldn't push children to do something so stressful. As an adult I believe that standardized testing should be eliminated!

  • Grades Should Go but Standardized Testing Should Stay.

    I think grades should not be used. It is cruel to a student for them to work so hard and so long, just to get a 89.4%, a B. They try so hard, and all of their work is seen as a letter. We should have something more, something that represents all the student has done, not just a letter. To many students, their work is important and represents time and effort. That is more than a letter. Standardized testing, on the other hand is a good indicator of a child's work and progress. It shows strengths and weaknesses, and should stay.

  • No they should not eliminate grades and standardized testing.

    Although it may seem unfair, grades are a good way of telling students just how well they are actually doing in school so they can improve their scores for future reference. Standardized testing is also a good way for students to test their knowledge on the current subjects that they are learning so they can try to fix the areas they need to improve.

  • No, America should not eliminate grades.

    America should keep the grades and standardized testing in school as they are. I think it is a good idea to group children in grades so they advance together. Learning to make friendships is also an important life skill. We should definitely keep the testing so we have a program in place that everyone follows. This way it will be apparent there is a problem if a group of children have low scores.

  • A lot more research would have to be done first

    I agree grades can be a bit silly and variable by school. However standardized tests are fair and a good judge on how well a student is doing relative to others around the country. Maybe we could eliminate grades, but nothing like this has ever been done so a lot more research would be needed first.

  • Grades and Standardized testing Should Stay

    There is no reason for America to get rid of standardized testing. I think we should keep it because it is a good way to test people's knowledge on an equal playing field. We use standardized testing for so many things that it would be ridiculous to abolish it without having a great replacement.

  • No, the real world doesn't work that way.

    No, we should not do away with grades. Standardized testing, maybe. The fact is, we are graded in real life every day. We get report cards at work just like we do at school, they're simply called performance evaluations. We have become a society so afraid of hurting little Johnny's delicate feelings, that we aren't preparing children for the real world, and it's doing them a huge disservice.

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