• We should!

    Of course we should. This country is too focused on stress and does not realize that less stress would equal higher productivity. Three day weekends would lead to higher GDP and lower unemployment. It's just that simple. To pull out of recession we must have Friday, Saturday and Sunday off!

  • Yes, we should welcome a four-day work week.

    A four-day work week would probably benefit a lot of working families with children, enabling them to have more days off in a week to do things around their home together. But also, a four-day work week would save a lot in the gasoline spent for that one extra trip to work, and on a national scale this could result in a lot of energy savings.

  • Yes, as long as people work the full ten hours.

    I personally work a four day work week and enjoy having three days off instead of two. Adding two extra hours to my work days does not provide that much extra burden, and I am still effectively completing 40 hours of work in one week. But I can easily imagine people, especially those on salary, who would never truly work a ten hour day and thus end up working less with the new system.

  • No, business should choose for themselves.

    No, America should not embrace a four-day work week, because each business should decide what they need to do in order to make a profit. If businesses all closed on Fridays, it would be very hard to do things like schedule appointments with doctors. Even things as simple as going out to eat would be much more complicated if we could not do business on Fridays.

  • I don't see why we would.

    Productivity is essential to the advancement of society and economy. How could we continue to effectively run the country without that fifth day? Although many people would enjoy the benefit of having more personal time, it would eventually cause serious problems that would intrude on that time anyway. The 4 day work week is unrealistic.

  • It is unrealistic.

    A four-day work week is simply unrealistic. It would decrease productivity and leave the United States completely incapable of competing with the rest of the world. The result would be a total collapse of American business and industry with mass unemployment as a result. Thus, while a four-day work week would be nice, it is simply currently not practical.

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