• YES

    I firmly do believe that he is trying to do what he believes is right for the American people. I genuinely do believe that the man is trying to do the right thing. But I also believe that the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

    The health care thing is a good example. I do believe that the man wanted to do the right thing and make sure that everybody had access to affordable health care. What it has actually done, though, is cause a lot of businesses to cut hours so that nobody is working full time. Many of these businesses employ people that were already living in poverty or just above it. It has caused health care costs for other businesses to increase by leaps and bounds, and we are rapidly approaching a situation where only a minority of businesses will be offering health benefits.

    When I have this discussion with many people, the first thing out of their mouths is to call anybody who has reservations about the President a racist. But let me ask you something: if the first thing out of your mouth is to start calling people names, just how strong of a case do you really have?

  • Tyranny

    Let's be blunt here. Obama is ruthless. He needs to be ruthless because he's president. However, his attitude is a pretty big problem. Remember when TMZ reported that he said before an interview that WHEN he got re-elected, he could do whatever he wanted? He has delusions of power. He's trying to ban guns instead of address mental health. He's still inexperienced and runs on empty promises, then taxes the crap out of everyone to pay for those empty promises. He is not a good president and he is not addressing the biggest issues in our nation. The economy isn't improving. He's not compromising across the aisle (although admittedly they aren't compromising with him either). He manipulates the media into presenting him as this hero, while he says racist things behind people's backs and thinks of himself as a king. He's trying to force his agenda and only his, and how he's going to town on signing executive orders proves it. He's a tyrant. He's the opposite of Bush, who was a wussy who let himself get pushed around. Obama is doing the pushing, and he doesn't know how to push properly. We should definitely fear the future he's bringing us. It could very well be a scary place where half of our money goes to the irresponsible government...

  • No, they elected him.

    Unless Americans fear themselves they should not fear Obama. He is trying to improve the country and put us on track for future prosperity. Just because he has is thinking more long term and progressively than the average american does not mean he should be feared. He has not overstepped his jurisdiction and is an outstanding president.

  • No, Obama is a good president for our times.

    The people who fear Obama fear him because they do not want change and they can see change coming. The mere fact of having the first Black American in the White House is a whopper, but the fact that he has drawn so much support across all lines of society is scary to some. Social issues that were able to be kept restrained are now coming to the forefront and Obama is encouraging that we get them out in the open and rethink them. For the people who want the status quo maintained this is frightening and Obama has received more than his share of hostility and conspiracy theories because of that. This time in America is a time of changing ideas, and I think when historians look back on this time they will see it as a social upheaval and will consider Obama a good leader for the times.

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