• Yes the U.S. should fight Russia cause Russia cannot be trusted

    Russia should not be trusted because they have helped north Korea and Iran by providing ballistic missile technology. Nearly after 20 after the cold war Russia still builds nuclear weaponry. Russian is also not apart in chemical war convention and talk about the war between Russia and the U.S. has been going on for about 3 1/2 decades and Russia has come close to our borders quite a few times. The U.S. should take Russia out before they get us and if they can't attack them first and wipe them out in one shot let's say hello to ww3

  • And neither should Russia fight America.

    Do you really want another World War. We've already been through that twice already and the results are not good.

    Before you start to ramble on and on about the benefits, Keep in mind that the other side is human as well. Men, Woman and children live there too. And if nuclear war breaks out, There would be hell to pay for those who ordered the nukes to be launched.

    The problem with the powerful nations of today is that they have no respect. Not to each other and not to the rest of the world. They are drunk on their power and use it to bully others to their way of thinking. Let us remind ourselves that out of all the scenarios, A nuclear holocaust should never be one of them.

    Think about it. If nuclear war ever breaks out, Our children and all the succeeding generations will despise our generation for it. I do not want to be part of a generation that destroyed the relative peace of the world.

  • Why no one would win the war

    For the person who said yes...
    1. North Korea made their own missiles, so did Iran.
    2. America still builds nuclear weapons
    3. When you say, "Chemical war convention" I assume you mean the geneva convention. Russia abides to these terms.
    4. "Close to our borders" You must mean Alaska. Russia has no control over geological locations. Alaska used to be Russian territory.
    5. Let's not forget, Russia has about 5,000 nuclear weapons. We would be wiped off the map.

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