Should America follow Norway's lead and go to digital radio instead of FM?

  • Absolutely Yes Please

    I wish we would hurry up and switch to digital radio now. FM is so 1950 and we need to catch up with the times. I know a lot of people have XM radio already but not everyone is as fortunate. So please hurry up America and switch to digital radio.

  • Yes, follow Norway's lead

    I had no idea that radio had not already gone digital as television broadcast stations were man-dated to go digital in the United States. That conversion ended up being an entire mess, complete confusion and public unawareness due to the secrecy protecting those who blundered the whole thing. We are just catching up with that conversion, mostly, and I can not see the radio conversion going so badly. We can all hope they learned from the television conversion and avoid the pitfalls. Digital is now and our future.

  • Why not have both

    Not everyone has access to digital radio. Even though digital offers access to more variety and more channels, some folks still have only FM radios. Until digital radios are easily available and affordable, there should still be access to FM radio. Plus there may be places where it's not feasible or possible to get digital.

  • No, America should not go to digital radio

    Just because Norway has gone to digital radio does not mean America should follow its lead. FM radio has been working for America for many years and if it is not broken you do not fix it. We should instead continue FM radio and keep things the way that they are.

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