Should America get involved in the Libyan civil war?

  • Yes, we should not be affraid of the risks to our soldiers

    That Gaddaffis military maschine use torture, to punish rebel fighters are well known.

    But the rebels, do so too. Former victims of Gadaffis torturers have helped the young rebel soldiers to build a torturechamber and reveiled to them, the disgusting effect that isexual humiliation have on a soldier. Oh the pain!

  • The U.S. Should get involved.

    The U.S. Should get involved given the fact that they organized, funded, armed, and supported many rebel factions against Gadaffi. Such funding will make them morally accountable for the stability of the region. Unless, of course, the U.S. Wanted to destabilize Libya like they want with Syria. If so, then the war is already won.

  • No, they shouldn't.

    We as a nation want to keep helping fighting countries yet, spending billions of tax dollars to help these countries fight their own battles. These countries never pay us back. Our government is so idiotic, we do not realize, we are already in a giant hole of debt, and we want to continue to dig a bigger hole that we will eventually not be able to get out of.

  • Who would we help?

    The people we helped before are torturing people widespread.


    So even if we toppled Gaddafi that doesn't give us some moral responsibility to help out the new evil regime we put in place. Should we go in as a third side? How do we prevent them from doing the same thing? Should we just colonize Libya?

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