• America should set the example for other countries

    With pollution, contamination, green gases and everything bad happening right now, what the world needs it's a so called super power to step up and do the green work before it's too late, I believe we can make a difference and we can be the generation to end contamination and pollution as we know it today

  • Green Industry Can Make Trillions

    Going green is an entire industry that can be worth trillions of dollars. Companies can diversify and have green offerings from things like power consumption to recyclable toilet paper. Like surviving in the wild, diversifying in American companies is the key to remaining viable. If green products and green energy is to move forward, current companies must be willing to take the leap and move forward with these products to get America into the Green Revolution.

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  • No, America should not entirely go green

    America has taken steps to become a greener country. However I do not think that going entirely green in regards to energy and fuel sources is wise. This will eliminate Jobs that people already have in the non-green workforce. I think a combination of going green and utilizing what we already have in place is key.

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