• Definitely go Metric

    The English measurement system is just an inconvenience in communications really. Scientifically, the metric system is used for most calculations, and is used by most countries. Ease of communication prevents errors in communicating distances. Though it may be easier to measure feet, etc., the metric system is easier to apply, and is more commonly applied in the sciences, etc.

  • Its really not that hard

    Born and raised in the USA, and didnt know the metric system well for 19 years, and this is what I have to say

    First off, Im going to refute the argument that says "it will cost too much money to switch road signs, and anything else like that" ... This isnt a transition that has to happen over night, maybe its better off taking a few years, switch out the signs during normal maintenance...

    Second, this is one of those things that school does not excel in teaching effectively, its like a language, "use it or lose it" ... Sure I understood the concept during math class and everything, but it wasnt until I went to Japan and lived in the metric system that it became easier for me... And the funny thing is, I was only there for 5 weeks and it stuck...

    Exact conversions do take a little thought, but thats less important when you know what it feels like... If you ask me what a nice daytime temperature is, I have no problem saying 23ºC ... Wether thats 74ºF or 76º F who really cares unless youre setting an oven or something...

    Point is, the learning excuse is a cop out, and again, when it comes to switching signs, appliances and equipment, theres no need for it to happen right this instant, but ease into it

  • Metric means yes

    From some research i did during the school year, many kids have trouble converting with the customary system we use. But to some tests, kids have a better understanding of the metric system believe it or not and it is used in many sports so they can get more practice. Literally then anywhere in the world

  • It should definitely change.

    Metric measurements are way easier to understand, it is a straightforward system. Sure, it would take time to change, but all we have to do is to stop producing items in English measurements. Think about how much better it would be: 12 inches/foot 3 feet/yard VS. 100cm/meter 100 meter/kilometer .

  • Yes because the metric system is easyer

    I think the answer is most definitely. Who would want to change something that they learn and have thought? I mean it’s like doing something for a long time and then changing it. Would the U.S want to do that? Yes even though we use the metric system in math and science doesn’t mean that it would be better. The English system has been here since we can remember so why change now

  • We should go metric

    Every other country in the entire world uses the metric system. Why in the world are we still on the English system? It makes conversions very hard to do and the metric system would be unbelievably simple to do these calculations. We should join the rest of the world and go metric.

  • Metric, yes please

    I think that the United States should go metric like the rest of the world. It is the more popular system and it would make things easier I think. People could learn to get used to the metric systems and it could be taught to kids so they learn it.

  • The Metric System makes more sense.

    I firmly believe that the metric system is much easier to understand, and it would also make things incredibly easy. This wouldn't happen instantaneously, and it would have to be some sort of system where for a certain period of time (e.G 20 years or so) where both measurement systems would be supported. After that period, devices and measurements would solely be reliant on the metric system.

  • Metric all the way

    The metric system just makes so much more mathematical sense. It is amazingly easier to do conversions than it is on the English system. The fact that we are the only country that still uses the English system is amazing. We should convert to the metric system to stay relevent.

  • To Much !

    It will cost to much. STOP BEING LAZY ! Yeah,its harder but it makes us smarter than the rest of the world. The U.S. is already in debt and I'm sure they would not want to add to that . So what if it is easier even if the U.S. convert I'm going to stay with the English system .

  • Keep English measurements.

    The United States of America should keep the English measurements and not go to metric. This is because there are too many people who are stuck in their ways and will never switch to or learn the metric system. It would also cost way to much money to switch to metric.

  • I think that America should keep the English measurements and not switch to the metric system.

    I think that America should keep the English measurements
    and not switch to the metric system. It
    would be too hard for America to switch to the metric system at this
    point. There would be too many changes
    necessary. People would have to replace
    all of the equipment and appliances they have bought already.

  • Why change it

    We all know the our conversions why change it. It would just cost more money to change all of our road signs and our rulers. It would be hard to change to a whole new conversion. We are learning it at school and forgetting our conversions would be hard and it also links to the past.

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