• American should have entered World War 2 when England and France did

    American should have entered World War 2 when England and France did. Contrary to popular beliefs that we should not have entered unless attacked, a lot of suffering and genocide of the Jews could have prevented if America had entered the war earlier. England and France were American allies, so we did have responsibilities of helping our allies.

  • Yes, the US should have entered earlier.

    Even though the United States was not very prepared for war at that particular time, it still would have helped the England and France to have victory over Germany, and potentially saved millions of lives in the process. I think that the US did an alright job of assisting the war efforts but if they had been more dedicated it could've turned the tides earlier.

  • Yes, we should have.

    I think it was foolish for us in the United States to enter World War II as late as we did. But, I guess we were just trying to keep our peace and keep distance. When the Japanese struck, everything changed. But this could have been prevented from an earlier entry.

  • End it early

    Yes, I think that if we would have jumped into the war when these other countries did, we could have stopped Germany's advancement, and we could have ended the war a whole lot earlier. Maybe D Day would not have even happened if we had kept the Germans pushed back.

  • To become another profiteer of genocide?

    The inhuman conditions of the so called "Versailles Treaty" were enforced on the German people by a British so called "Hunger Blockade". That blockade, which during times of war is a war crime, was even upheld after the signature of the armistice on November 11th, 1918. Starving of the German civilian population was continued until the German government under the threat of further continuing the genocide signed the so called "Versailles Treaty". In the end 900.000 German civilians lost their life during the period. The death rate of starvation in Germany between November 1918, the day of the armistice, and June 1919, when the Versailles paper was signed, was 3.500 starvation fatalities PER DAY. Not included are infants, the perinatal and infant mortality rate due to hunger associated diseases amounting 600% of the pre war values until the end of 1923. The continuation of the atrocity and the coercion into signing something which cannot be seriously called an "agreement" or "treaty" added a crime against humanity to a war crime. In a 1919 expertise for the US House of Congress it was stated that nearly every single sentence of the Versailles paper violated international law. The conditions of the Versailles paper, "reparations" fixed to 226 Billion Gold Marks in 1921, the complete German Reich having an estimated value of 355 Billion Gold Mark at the time being, added the war crimes of pillage and plundering, prohibited by the La Hague Convention of Land Warfare, valid at the time being. For being pawn for the exorbitant payments, the German population was made completely defenseless. The German Army was reduced to half of the size of the army of Switzerland, Switzerland being smaller than the Lake Michigan and having less inhabitants than the City of New York. In addition, although the new weapon of mass destruction, "Air Force", appeared on the horizon, Germans were not allowed to build passive air raid shelters for the civilian population. That clearly shows the true intention of the "disarmament": to create a hostage situation under which the massive exploitation of the German people became possible. Taking civilians as hostage is another war crime, adding to the list above.
    The German generation born after 1919 was therefore was threatened by an unknown enemy, dispossessed of their welfare, bereaved of their future and held as a hostage. That all was commonly known to be based on a signature under a paper which was obtained by blackmail, mass murder and genocide.
    Under all national and international common laws those "agreements" and "Treaties", no matter signature having been obtained at gunpoint, by blackmail, mass murder or threat, never come into being. All conditions fixed in those papers are invalid. When Hitler reclaimed parts of former German territory given to Poland, his claim was justified. When France and Great Britain declared war against Germany it was a continuation of the 1919 atrocities. Any connected declaration of war of the USA would have made them accomplice in the crime.

  • America was right to wait, even if they didn't know it.

    The delayed entry of the Americans in WWII was luckily a strategy that worked. Not only was germany stretching its supply routes too far, but production of the necessary supplies and troops was extremely difficult to maintain. This precautionary entry also allowed for the Russians to realize that they were not beyond Hitler's list of future conquests. Russia's change of alliances is what won the war.

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