Should America have intervened earlier in World War II?

  • Yes, America Could Have Saved Innocent Lives

    If America had intervened earlier, it is likely that fewer innocents would have
    died in Germany. We did not know, but perhaps we should have. America
    then had a strong strain of isolationism. We wanted no part of the wider
    world’s troubles. It was not until the Japanese struck at our own soil that
    we moved to join the war. Even now, America consistently acts in its
    own interests. Perhaps though, that is the nature of all governments.

  • The United States is always correct

    I already wrote down my arguments but they were deleted so I'm just going to summarize them. Band teachers are holy. We will take over the world with our new religion and anyone who fails to follow us will face death by guillotine. Thank you max riley baker, fake band hoe

  • The United States is always right

    When have we been wrong? I personally cannot think of a time when the United States has made a mistake. We always win our wars so obviously we must always be right. The U.S is the supreme country. And Russia is bad. Communism is for nerds, and no one like nerds.

  • America should not have intervened earlier in World War II.

    Most Americans did not support entering the war before the attack on Pearl Harbor. It was only after this attack that there was widespread support for the war. Even if FDR had wanted to enter the war sooner, he could not declare war without support form congress. Congress would not act without support of the people. America could not have entered the war sooner.

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