Should America have Libertarianism and Constitutionalism be its new parties?

Asked by: Aplikowski
  • It's time to.

    Look at what both the Democrats and Republicans have done. They're both controlling, pass dumb laws, lie to us, spend our taxes on stupid things, take away our rights secretly, both are probably part of the Illuminati, I'm sure they're bought out, and just flat out don't care about and just want more power. Why do you think we constantly go to war? Because our government is so power hungry!!!

  • No Two Party System.

    Most of the bad things that come out of Washington D. C. These days aren't because of Democrats and Republicans, per se. Just changing the name of the parties won't change whats happening. We should completely change the system and eliminate a 2 party format. And besides, 99% of what the author wrote is completely wrong.

  • As a libertarian, I say no

    I abhor the two-party system we have now. Changing the parties we are working with will not improve the situation. The two-party system exists to benefit the politicians in either party by making more people apathetic about politics and making the rest pre-occupied with narrow issues with no solutions proposed by either side, only different ways to further exacerbate the problems. Establishing two different parties in place of the current parties will not solve the problem, instead we need to find ways to reduce corruption and exploitation of government power.

  • I Don't Approve of Either Party

    I used to be a Libertarian a couple years ago before I became a Democrat. The problem with that party is mostly their ideas on foreign policy and government management. A Libertarian government would eliminate far too many government agencies like the EPA and deregulate the private sector to too far of an extreme. The private sector needs reasonable regulation to operate appropriately. Government agencies perform necessary work for our nation to a operate and provide civil services. The EPA is needed to provide clean water and clean air, for example.

    The Constitution Party of America is a party of far right wing extremists. They believe keeping to historic founding documents to the letter without any regard to modern day facts. They believe in extreme deregulation and drastic shrinking of the military. The only thing I consistently like about our current Conservative party is the fact they like our powerful military. The Constitution party eliminates that. The party also believes in the delusional interpretation of the Constitution that we have strict "Biblical foundations". Freedom of Religion counters that, obviously.

    In conclusion, I no longer agree with the Libertarian party outside of some social policy. I have never and never will agree with the Constitution party and will never accept them in our government. I consider them borderline terrorists in their beliefs.

  • A rose by any other name

    Bipartisan politics isn't working, and it won't work by changing the names. Our country is so polarized that instead of working together to figure out solutions all anyone does is bicker and blame and run smear campaigns. It's a circus. Instead, I feel like we should add two more parties to Republican and Democrat and try to encourage voters to branch out and vote for a candidate they truly agree with, not for "the lesser of two evils" because personally, neither of the Reps or Dems represent my views.

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