• Yea American government is ridiculous.

    Its either the upperclass, Redneck republicans who also say that they saved America but nowadays Democrats are for the poorer Americans. If you are a Simpsons fan think of a Treehouse of Horror episode when Kang and Kodos turned into two of the presidents and said "Trow your vote away its a two party system. "

  • The duopoly only wants to keep their power.

    Through legislation, ballot access rules, and even "non-partisan" debate commissions, the duopoly of Republican and Democrats have purposely suppressed third parties and outside ideas. Neither serve the American people and only exist to serve special interests and corporations. Without a major third party, Americans will continuously be presented with a false choice at the ballot.

  • The current parties wield too much power

    The filibuster should be totally removed from the Senate rules. All legislation would be enacted with 50% of the vote (true democracy). More parties would require that real consensus would have to be reached for legislation to move forward. This would minimize the polarity of legislation and significantly reduce the power of the two major parties. We already have factions within each party - let them splinter off into new parties.

  • Need more choices!

    What is democracy and the freedom to vote worth if you can only choose between pestilence and cholera? Our country needs a much more diversified political landscape that would allow new parties to establish themselves and potentially enter into a governing coalition. True positive change only happens when you have diversity in political options and opinion plus strong individuals with unwavering integrity to make it happen.

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  • Yes, America should have more than two parties.

    We've reached a terrible stand still in this country and our progress has stagnated. I think that America could benefit from having a multi-party system, though I am not sure how it would work out here. I know that in my lifetime, this will almost definitely never happen. There is so much opposing even a third party during elections, that I don't see how more than that could even arise in the near future. I believe that every person in America has a right to have their voice heard, and with just two parties, we really aren't cutting it.

  • Yes America should have more than two main parties

    It is not right that America has only two dominant political parties, and more third parties should arise so that every one in America has a voice. I think that a two-party system is stopping progress in America when it comes to getting things done, and there should be more third parties pushing agendas forward.

  • Yes, they're both worthless

    Look no further than just today. A bill to expand background checks, something that 90% of Americans (NINE. ZERO.) want doesn't even get a 50/50 split in the Senate. How broken is that? How much more evidence do you need that the people we have in Washington are worthless than that, whether you like guns or don't? 90% of America wants something that less than half of its elected officials in the Senate do. WHO DOES THAT MAKE SENSE TO

  • No, the political system is best with two parties

    The political system is better off without the other parties because it provides a distraction to the main show of the election. With candidates like Donald Trump, the election has become mostly entertainment with social media becoming a big part, the third party candidates have no relevance in the big picture. People are most interested in the two parties. And some third party candidates have ideas that can make this country a wasteland

  • No, with the American political system, two parties is best.

    The American political system uses the electoral college process to elect the president of the country. If there were more three or more strong political parties fielding candidates for the presidency, the election would be problematic. By splitting the electoral votes so no candidate received more than half, the process would be taken out of the hands of the voters.

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