Should america have strict gun control laws ?

Asked by: Jimtompson
  • Why should this even be even a question ?

    I am really astounded then in USA, they are still debating about guns without taking action. Other countries, they have law on banning guns for many years ago such as UK and Australia, yet the only places where people can carry guns is only in the USA.

    It sadden me deeply that public mass shooting is such a common phenomenon. I feel deeply sorry for the kids and parents who are afraid of going to school just because of school shooting. In UK, we don't have fear at all when we go to school or other public places because we feel safe here.

    I guest it's an emergency that american need to confiscated guns from citizen now, to saves lives of our innocent children.

  • Yes without a dispute, there should be a law on banning guns.

    Believe me or not, but here are some facts about guns and gun violence. I have read another topic on the internet that i want to revealed you guys :
    -in 2013 33,636 american died of injuries cause by guns.
    -According to 2012 Congress research service estimate that there are 310 millions civilian guns, 114 million handguns, 110 million rifles, and 86 millions shotguns. The latter estimate that there were 88.8 guns every 100 people in the USA, there were 307 million people in the US in 2009, which mean the CRS there were more guns than people.

    -Gun homicide are considerable more common in US than in peer countries.There were 35.5 gun homicide per million people in the US in 2013 in compare to only 4.9 per million in canada, and 0,93 per million in UK.

    -Most homicide in the US ( 69.5 % ) are committed with guns. Bureau Statistic show that only 39 % of gun homicide fell while non-fatal firearms crimes fell 69 %.

    -Places with more guns have more homicides.

    -There are more gun suicide and gun homicide. Most gun death compromise suicide. In 2013 21,175 people commit suicide by firearms, while 11,208 people died from gun homicide.In total 33,636 people died from firearms injuries in 2013.

    -Suicide is more common in places with more guns. Studies suggest that suicide attempt by guns are fatal in the vast majority of cases while attempt suicide by cuts or poisoning are fatal 6-7 % of the time.

    - A cogressional research service report in 2013 identified 78 public mass shootings between 1983 and 2002 which claimed 547 lives.

    To sum up these are just few examples of guns facts. There are many more. But these are facts that i have find it on the internet.

  • Yes, it's an urgent need.

    As long as american refuse to take step to implement gun control, mass shootings will continue to occuring. If you don't want incidents like Sandy hook elementary school shooting or just recently florida parkland shooting happen again, then you should take action to implement gun control.

    Take a look at UK or Australia. Since they enact gun control law, no school shooting occuring and the firearms homicide and suicide has dramatically gone down.

  • More than we have now

    The gun death rate in the United States is considerably higher than the UK, Australia, Japan and Sweden. Are Americans more homicidal by nature, or is it because they have enforced gun laws? There was a school shooting in Scotland in 1996, after which the British government implemented stricter gun control laws, and they have not suffered a major shooting spree since.

  • Yes absolutely it should.

    Ok Guys listen to me. If we don't have gun control, people will continue to be killed by guns homicide. You don't look in the News or newspaper how often public mass shooting occur in USA ? Mass shooting in USA happen every month while gun homicide happen every day. Here are some example of public shootings :

    1.Columbine High school massacre - april, 20 1999
    2.Red Lake shootings - March 21, 2005
    3.Virginia Tech shootings - April 16, 2007
    4.Binghamton shootigs- April 3. 2009
    5.Fort Hood shooting - Nov 5 , 2009
    6.Tucson shooting - Jan 8 2011
    7.Sandy Hook elementary shooting- Dec 14, 2012
    8.Aurora shootings- July 20, 2012
    9.Washington Navy yard shooting- Sept, 16 2013
    10.Charleston church shooting- June 17, 2015
    11.Orlando night club shooting-June 12, 2016
    12. Las Vegas shooting- Oct1. 2017

    Yet i still heard from you morons saying guns don't kill people,people kill people. What if bullets, rip your body apart, would you still deny guns don't kill people ? I find it's very selfish thinking to say such stuff and especially it offend very much to those deaths and survivors of mass shootings.

  • Guns are as dangerous as C4 explosive weapon

    When you fired with a gun, you can kill and wound many people in one places. For example the Las vegas shooting, killed up to 59 people and 851 people are seriously injured. That's is as harmful as C4 explosive weapon. No wonder why criminals use guns to commit crime because you can kill more than with a knives. To get killed by a guns is a quick death and it achieve much higher rate of fatality than with a knives or a hammer.

    A knives or a hammer can't kill so many people in one places. This is the reason why we should confiscated guns from all citizens because it can be misused very easily and the consequences are seriously fatal.

  • Gun Control Laws?..... YES

    Our constitution has the Bill of Rights for a reason, the Second Amendment says..."A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." I do agree with this mainly because of the First Amendment which then says...."Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." Meaning that if you have the RIGHT to say whatever you please then you're going to need something to defend your self with, this includes guns. Most importantly I believe Restrictions must be implied for the country of America to prosper. A civilian with a mental disorder should NOT be able to access a gun. Why? Well we have seen the consequences over the years yet we seem not to understand the effects of giving a 21 year with mental problems a gun.

  • Facts state we need to follow the lead of the world

    The database of gun death per 100,000 in the state of Massachusetts(lowest in the US) is 3.4 while the rate per 100,000 in Alaska(highest in the US) is 23.3. What is Massachusetts doing? Well they require a permit to get a gun of any kind, require the owner of the gun to present a license, ban assault rifles, require background checks, restrict magazine limit(limit how much ammunition one can have) and restrict NFA weapons. Maybe we should follow their lead.

  • Meow ede eded

    Olivia Bullock is mean to me and my freinds. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Yes, please do enforce

    America should have stricter gun control, they should not be forbidden but only given to people who enforce the law. Only to be used in life or death situations. Guns should not be available to citizens, and for people who say that guns are needed to protect themselves well guess what you wont need to protect yourself if nobody else has one|.

  • Freedom before security.

    While guns can be scary for some, they are true symbols of liberty and the last line of defense against a tyrannical government. No freedoms can permanently exist without the right to bear arms. Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union both had strict gun control. Imagine if the Jewish population in Germany and Poland had ready access to firearms.

  • Nope. Guns aren't the problem

    You are right when saying that less guns cause less gun related deaths. What you don't realise is that when you take away guns, death by other means are going to happen. In Japan gun laws got rid of gun deaths but now hammer related deaths are now at an all time high in that country. Might as well take away hammers! If you try and hide the problem, you're never gonna get rid of it, which is why the only way to stop these deaths is to more harshly punish the people who commit these crimes. Its the people, not the guns.

  • Only police should have guns... Nobody else

    Lots of people with guns are school shooting a lot more in 2018 because of Donald Trump... Only Police Officers should have guns than more other people... And people who are in the army should have guns as well because they have valid licences to have the guns. Therefore army men and police officers should only have guns.

  • Guns are good

    Guns are good because they are a good tool to kill people aswell to harm yourself. Guns are out of control now a days alot of people die they are safe in the right hands if you are not a fan of guns and America just move to Canada or Mexico - the illusion

  • Freedom is more important than Security

    The right to bear arms is one of the most sacred rights of any American citizen. People in Europe or other places like lanzy have no idea how important these rights are. You'll notice that an oppressive regime has never arisen in the United States like they have time and time again in Europe, Asia, and other places with strict gun laws. The people being armed and willing to defend their rights is the only thing that keeps such a situation from arising.

    Additionally, most of the deaths in the US from "guns" are suicides, which would likely happen if we had guns or not. Mass shootings have killed fewer people in the past years than lawnmowers. They're an overblown issue.

    The ability of a people to defend themselves and their rights is paramount (ask John Locke, or any of the Founding Fathers, and they'd tell you so if they were alive today). And before you bring up "muh gun crime", London has very strict gun control and still has an absurdly high crime rate. Guns are not the problem, and the sooner people realize this, the better.

  • What logic does America have today?

    Think about this... The government says guns kill people... So does a rock, and a hammer. You cant stop violence by eliminating guns. Drugs are illegal but guess whats killing more people then guns a year.. ? That's right heroin. 15,500 people died in 2016 to heroin... 11,000 people died from not just guns but from fights!! You go ask any police officers in Chicago and ask him if he feels safe patrolling and responding to calls without a firearm or stun gun I would put money down that he/she says no. GUNS ARE NOT THE ISSUE PEOPLE ARE!!!! My brother and his girlfriend were saved because of guns they would have died if it was not for the law-abiding and responsible man who saved there lives with the safety and security of a firearm.

  • If guns are taken away, who will keep them?

    The criminals. They broke laws to get those guns, and they will break just one more law. Lets just say everyones guns were taken away. We would all be vulnerable to attacks. The attacker would have a gun, and we would not. The school shooting rate would stay the same, and its not the guns fault. Schools should improve on their security to prevent shootings.

  • Gun control won't solve any problems

    The common misconception of gun control activist often argue that countries with strict gun control law have lower rate of homicide. This is obviously false. The most notorious countries with strict gun control law are on the top rank of highest murder rate. These countries are :
    1.El savador
    3. Venezuela
    5. Peru

    All the other south american countries have strict gun control law, yet their gun homicide rate are still remain very high. Yet i didn't say guns don't kill people, but by making it's illegal you are not solving any problems. If guns are illegal, then it would be sold on black market, which it's even worsen situation. It even give an incentive of criminals to commit more crimes because black market are hidden market which it's very difficult to trace.

    Take a look at Mexico. Citizen are forbidden to carry guns, yet they are being left defenseless against brutal drug cartels. Over there, Being murdered. By drug cartels is much more common and dangerous than school shooting in america which happen only occasionally.

    Yet some people argue that Gun control would stop school shooting and they cite an example of UK and Australia where there are no school shooting since gun control has been enacted.

    But the main cause of school shooting again isn't because of guns. I would blame teachers for being irresponsible of preventing bullying in school. Bullying are the main reason behind why school shooting happen. I feel that in america there are lack of motivation of teachers to teach kids to stop bullied other kids. Researches show that 90 % of school shooting incidents has been associated with bullying, but yet i don't see any of you guys pinpoint on bullying instead you blame other factors which are totally irrelevant to school shooting.

    Australia and UK don't have school shooting anymore because teacher pay more attention on students than in the USA and they have better anti-bullying policy than in the USA. So blame it on bullying and irresponsible teachers not on guns.

  • Nope nope nope

    We cannot trust the government to have guns. Hitler, Stalin and China took the guns. New Zealand had strict gun control and it had a really bad shooting. Australia had a mass shooting like 2 years ago I think. Gun control does not work, We cannot trust the government. B

  • No we shouldn't

    The second amendment stated that every militia have a right to bear arms. Gun control would clear infringe those rights.

    Also guns are not to blame. It's just a tool. You can kill people with a knives, hammer, or any other dangerous weapon. You can even kill people by beaten them to death or vehicle car or allowing them be eaten alive by animals.

    Anything can be possibly a weapon. Guns are just a tool. If we confiscated all guns, we would end up like in mexico, where citizens are being left defenseless against criminals. Mexico is the most dangerous country, yet they have strict gun control law.

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