• Yes, I'll pull the switch.

    America should have the death penalty. The only thing wrong with the death penalty is that there are to many appeals. If you have not earned the right to a new trial one year after your conviction, the switch should be pulled. This will save tax payers a large amount of money. Most criminals are irredeemable. I wish people could get the death penalty for even lesser offense.

  • Yes we should make the wait shorter and utilize the method more often

    Why should a serial killer be allowed to live out the rest of his life even behind bars? I personally don't feel like my tax dollars should be used to keep this kind of individual alive. Living out the rest of your life in prison is just another form of welfare.
    They get a roof over the head paid for by others
    They get three meals a day
    Tv, internet access, books, etc.
    The US is spending billions of dollars a year keeping these kinds of people alive, this is money that we the people desperately need. Rapists and killers had their chance at life but they wasted it.

  • Americans Can Live Without It

    The death penalty has never served as an actual reliable deterrent to crime. It's ungodly expensive. It's an infinite and irreversible punishment with a margin for error. Human lives are too precious to take this gamble with them simply to get the fleeting satisfaction of inflicting pain onto the perpetrator.

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