Should America have troops stationed overseas?

Asked by: Volted
  • We Do What We Need To

    I am not saying that every country needs US soldiers there, but, I feel that America is an amazing country. Out of the few countries that give aid to the world, the US gives the most out of any of them. We are a major world power, and our army is not the largest, so our strengths must be knowledge, tech, and speed. We need the bases as jumping points. I think that the US government tries to do what is best with the knowledge they have.

  • Friendly Neighborhood Terrorists

    I'm going to be short and to the point here. Radical Islamic groups in the middle east hate us, hate our allies, and will give their lives to kill us. Terrorists will continue to come over here and shoot, bomb, and crash into American citizens so long as there are terrorists to carry out such acts. It's obvious that growing number of people are going to die whether we do something or not, so why not do the world a favor by bringing the hammer down against these enemies of everything the democratic nations of the world stand for? Europe has proven they're going to keep their noses clean, so if not the United States then who is to keep radical groups like ISIS from taking control of the entirety of the middle east if not the world? Have you not seen what atrocious acts against humanity ISIS has carried out? Their sickening skill in torture and their pleasure in murder? I ask you this; how many more innocent people must die by the torturous hand of ISIS before we sally forth and blow the crap out of them?

  • I think we shouldn't.

    I think we should defend our own country and leave everyone else alone. We don't need to be involved with everyone's business. I don't really think we are making things safer for ourselves or others by making the rest of the world hate and fear us. Enough already I say.

  • No, waste of US resources as they have their own soldiers, and I know NZ wouldn't take too kindly too USA forcing soldiers on us.

    NZ prides itself on independence, so it would hate US troops forcing themselves on us. USA meanwhile could really use every soldier they get. So naturally, sending US troops to other countries is a great idea!

    No, actually I'm just kidding, it's a terrible idea. I kind of hoped it was obvious but I'm just making sure people know.

    Maybe some other countries would be happy to accept US troops, but US soldiers aren't better than other country's soldiers- the technology US soldiers get to use is better than the technology other country's soldiers get to use. Sending a troop over doesn't help all that much. Sending over some gadgets to help them when they need it helps a lot more.

  • We need to worry about our own country and people.

    To protect someone else before yourself is what our soldiers do everyday but they aren't fighting another countries battle. They fight for the family they leave behind for months on end without communication. We need to protect our own country and help our troops and their family because they protect the U.S.

  • If you want to make enemies

    It is true that there are many radical islamic groups and terrorists that hate the United States. Have you ever wondered though, why is this the case? One of source of their antagonism is their active overseas military intervention. America should not have troops stationed overseas because it attracts a lot of hostility, making themselves a target of terrorism and jeopardising the safety of hundreds of millions of Americans. I'm not saying that America should be 'selfish' and not take up responsibility of fighting terrorism. Fighting terrorism IS important and this can be done at home, in a more subtle manner without stationing troops overseas, for example by cooperating with allies.

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