• We need to fight against Isis.

    They are killing innocent Christians just because they wont convert to Islam. If we don't do something now they will be a threat to America for years to come. They are a terrorist group that hates America and if not stopped will take over Iraq and then they will have the resources to attack America. All that America has to do now is sent some drones to help the Iraq army but if we don't we will have to sent troops in the future. Acting now will save lives in Iraq now and American troops in the future.

  • SHould America help Iraq fight Isis

    It is a terrorist group in charge of the beheading of an innocent reporter
    ISIS used to be Al-Qaeda in Iraq
    ISIS has made significant territorial gains in Iraq
    ISIS is targeting religious minorities.
    There are U.S. personnel stationed in the Kurdish capital of Erbil
    They are killing innocent Christians just because they won’t convert to Islam
    If we don't do something now they will be a threat to America for years to come
    They are a terrorist group that hates America and if not stopped will take over Iraq and then they will have the resources to attack America

  • Help Iraq and Syria

    We should help Iraq and Syria fight upgrade the people we are training use more air power and ground troops give more weapons strengthen them get regional powers get regional the Arabs the Turks the Sunnis not Shiites NATO The Kurds get Iraq out of Iranian influence push back the Iranians and the Russians out of the Middle East defeat the problems we are facing today we can't defeat Isis with Assad in power the Russia and it's allies such as China and Iran also Hezbollah and North Korea Etc want to keep Assad in power Assad has to go now Isis Was formed Al Qaeda in iraq

  • Its our fight

    I think we should fight ISIS because if you started something you should end it so since America made ISIS and now we got to end it right now. Even tho some people would disagree with this if they want could go hide in fear but the ones that want to get rid of ISIS they should everything they can to stop them

  • Isis is isis

    Better to do something now before they come and attack us which they already have. They have bombed us in Florida and plus we believe in freedom of religion why not help these guys out that are just getting killed for what they believe in and dont wanna be forced

  • We need to clean up our own mess

    It is America's fault that ISIS exist. If we want to hold our heads up high as citizens of the free world we need to take responsibility for our own actions and help the people and country that have been put in harm's way because of what we have done.

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  • Keep your dogs of war under control

    We know it is made in USA, dont we.. Stop creating terror organisations around the world! You might say, oh these are too complicated procecesses we do not have control over, same if you say youdo not control the smell of your shit... Shit in your own toilet and if you did it on neigbours soil,. Clean it coz it smells all over the middle east and wind spreads the smell to the north

  • ISIS need to be stopped!!!

    Isis needs to be stopped or they will keep multiplying. Then they will get a military big enough to go to war with other countries. America's allies like Iraq are having trouble with Isis and need her help. If we stop Isis now we can stop a future war, or even a world war.

  • Yes! Of course!

    We should DEFINITELY fight ISIS, if we don't, we could all be overrun by their troops, and they could take over the world! I'm not meaning to sound like a 4-year-old, but its true! Everyone is afraid to fight against them, but from my experience, fear makes you stronger! Ok!?

  • No more interventionism

    It's time we stopped playing world police.

    We aren't good at it, we cause more problems than we fix, and it is too damn expensive.

    We will spend ourselves into collapse attempting to fix the world.

    ISIS is no more of a threat to America than any other terror group.

    They are a fringe element well hated by the ruling elite of the various middle-eastern nations.

    ISIS is more of a boon to America than a bane, their rebellions are destablilizing for the middle-east, which is actually in America's best interests, despite what lip service we offer.

    ISIS weakens the hegemonic reach of Syria, Iran and even the Saudis to a certain extent.

    There is absolutely no motivation for America to intercede and create a focal point for ISIS operatives. It would do nothing but encourage more recruitment.

    ISIS is a middle-eastern problem and requires a middle-eastern solution.

  • We can't be their guardians forever.

    We cannot simply go in. Yes we could militarily destroy ISIS, however it will not solve the problem. ISIS exists because Muslims hated what the US was doing in the Middle East and were able to breed resentment against coalition forces. Going in will only repeat the process. We need to train the Kurd's, Iraqis and Syrian rebels to be able to fight their own fight. Historically being hated by your own group of people leads to the end of your movement rather quickly.

  • The middle east needs to solve their own problems

    To put it mildly outsiders have tried to solve the middle east's problems for centuries - and all have failed. 9-11 and isis happened because america thought she could clean up the greater "graveyard of empires" - remember afghanistan? They need to remember islam's founder's "no one may call yourself a beliver until you want for your neighbor what you want for yourself". The west needs to get out of the middle east - israel will be just fine behind her nuclear arms - and let that region work out their problems so that they - not the west - will own the solutions. The more the west - and japan - moves beyond fossil fuels, the more they will have to do this. Nonviolence - avoiding aggression - and nonsinning - avoiding harm to harm - will win the "hearts and minds" on the middle east street - if the west removes their armed forces and stops selling arms to tinpot tyrants there. How can isis win on that street if they are the desert's khmer rouge. So get a grip, people - your so called 'war on terror' is not world war two. Bring the troops home now!

  • ISIS is full of good people

    Bombing people is fun, ISIS is helping in Mosul greatly. ISIS is bombing people and solving population problems. World powers shouldn't fight ISIS, they should help them. If you can you should also join ISIS and contribute to the cause of the holy men of ISIS. Abu Bakr knows how to fix the owrld.

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  • Look at our history

    Should the US intervene in the Middle East to stop ISIS? The short answer is: no. We need only two reasons to credibly define why we should not go back to the Middle East to stop ISIS. One: the U.S should not play the referee and try to impose its preferred formula on the events happening right now. Sunni vs. Shiite, Arab vs. Persian, secular vs. Islamist, democratic vs. Authoritarian, etc the Middle East is a quagmire that could swallow the US whole if we step even one foot in it. The US is not the solution and not the problem in Iraq and Syria. US intervention only bends local agenda to US agenda. America is terrible at influencing politics in the Middle East with military force. We have “an irresistible impulse to remake the world in America’s image and a profound ambivalence about the peoples to be remade” Douglas Little.
    Two: US ground forces are unnecessary and won’t work. ISIS is a symptom of sectarian struggle in Iraq and Syria. The US military can win battles against ISIS but will never be capable of ending the fighting. What the US military is effectively doing is winning the war but losing the peace. One group will fall and another will rise. Our soldiers don’t have the means necessary to fill the political void in the Middle East. We believed military struggles would solve political problems. After a decade in Iraq we now know this to be not true. American soldiers aren’t the ones needed to do the fighting. Rather it should be a collective Iraqi National Guard that includes Sunnis and Shi’ites that should fight. The US is being baited into fighting a two front war, in Iraq and in Syria, reminiscent to the two front war we had in Iraq and Afghanistan. Here we are presented with an opportunity to do the right thing and amend the catastrophic mistakes of the past. We can fix these mistakes and avoid future mistakes by exploring all available avenues before resorting to US ground troops and even military assistance.

  • Isis is bad

    Isis is bad isis is bad isis is bad isis is bad furthermore isis is bad to extend on more issues isis is bad. They are not nice. So they are bad isis needs to be stopped because they are bad. That is my view. Ps isis is bad and needs to be stopped

  • Don't follow the war drum.

    This is Muslim and Arab land. Sharia is the law of the land here. Americans are to going to fall into another bottomless pit, which will give them more reason to plot terrorist attacks. And then there is Syria itself, American troops may come across the dilemma of ISIS troops hiding in Syrian land. Which will create more political drama.

  • Iraqis Two Faced

    The coalition helped them and they suppressed their own people after the coalition left per Iraqs request only to squander all gains. The self appointed Generals squandered all aid and abandoned their people, cities, millions in arms and infastructure built by coalition forces that also died for their country. The west had no right to invade a sovereign country. We should never invaded and we should not fight now. Besides the Iraqis are not willing to get blood on their hands and are looking for "Iran" to help now. No loyalty before and even less now. Get out of Iraq and only protect Jordan, Saudi, Kurds and like minded countries and refugee ridden countries. The lesson to the west is stay out of religious was that have been going on for thousands of years, No winners only jihadist wars on our lands. Learn our lessons and stay out of it.

  • It's not our fight!

    I believe isis was very clear when they said that as long as the us continues to be involved in the country, they will continue to fight the USA and it's citizens. America needs to get their ass out of situations they can't control. People are afraid to fight against them. We started this mess when we went into Iraq, we need to get out before it gets much worse. Al qaeda turned them down for being to extreme in terror tactics. Don't provoke them anymore. It's not our fight.

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