• Do you want another World War?

    After yet another avoidable World War America decided to positions its military strength throughout most of the world. It was a tactical necessity in order to stabilize all the power vacuums that were created, not to mention the cold war. If we have the ability to turn chaos into peace with the use of the military it is our moral obligation to do so. Imagine if we lost our influence throughout the world and hid behind our walls, we would eventually be left isolated and most likely at other countries mercy for natural resources. This could lead to economic collapse....Yet you utopian idiots want peace and love.....You guys need to visit a war zone or two to figure out the belligerents of this world only understand violence. They take what they want, the freedom enjoyed by some of Europe and north America is a anomaly!!

  • Of course we should!

    Stop complaining about how you don't want to use your tax dollars because "i have electricity and mortgage to worry about omg." THE PEOPLE IN THESE COUNTRIES CAN'T EVEN GO OUTSIDE FOR FEAR OF BEING KILLED! But god forbid you lose your tv for one day! That is truly selfish, putting your material needs before other's lives.

  • Think about all the children

    Children under about seventeen in the Iraq war against Saddam Hussein were usually raped and tortured if they were female, attractive, and had no children. If I was a seventeen year old female I wouldn't want to raped and tortured. I really think you would like that either. If the U.S. hadn't stepped in hundreds of more females and males would have been killed

  • The wars and Deaths

    6o million people died in world war 2 40 million of those people were innocent civilians around the world. Should we have not helped then and let the Nazis kill all the Jews. Next they would have been strong enough to be a threat to America and we wouldn't have fought back

  • We are all the same and we all need help.

    People in different countries are sick, homeless, poor, has no money, and more. America is healthy it has a strong military and we can share those people. We can send them to different countries and they will teach how to fight and then they can come back. We are strong and we all can be a team or be friends if we work together.

  • Who Else Would?

    Since America is so big, and has such a great military, we can send troops anywhere in the world at any time. Since we have the ability to do this, and since other countries ask for our help, while we have the right mind set going into it, America has the right to protect and help other nations, who like I said, ask for our help. Vietnam, South Korea, Iraq, Kuwait, and all countries that we helped in World War II. If we did not help these countries, communism and radical islam would be running rampant. If we did not help them, who would? As my mentor, General Gary Harrell (A two star general in the United States Army), says, "So if not the US….Who? North Korea? China? Great records for human decency there huh? How about the UK? Great folks but financially they are broke and reductions in defense spending really leaves them in a weak position. OK how about Australia, or Germany, or the Norwegian countries? How about Europe? All have significant internal issues or lack the ability to project military power when compared to the US. So if you have a world policy or issue, and the world body decides to pass a decree, and you have no enforcement authority, is it a rule to be obeyed? If there were no cops out on Sat night would we have less or more cases of speeding, drunk driving, wrecks, and traffic related deaths. How about if we had no cops and everyone just said, 'can't we all just get along?' I don't think that would give us more safety but I would argue quite a bit less."
    Therefore, America is the only country that can, and should, help and support other countries in need.

  • How do you expect someone to help you if you dont help others?

    Forget governments and money at the end of the day it is human life and we are all humans. Just because you're safe in your country... If you were living in those counties watching all your family members and loved ones around you be touchured and slaughtered one by one would you not just be waiting, praying, pleading for someone to come and save you? You can always make money again but not get back a life. You can shake off the opposition you get because for what it's worth. Uncountable numbers saved, lives which will never forget the day you all saved them.

  • All men are equal

    We share the same earth. We are all apart of global citizen. No matter the race, human have thieir right to be respected. Our job is not to save everyone, but to improve the quality of live, and by providing for the poor and the needy we can improve the quality of live and relieve the stress of our own problem

  • Because why not?

    We has Americans have had it pretty easy for the past couple of years. Especially when comparing us to 3rd world countries. There's people living in these town who don't even have a water supply. They need to water miles everyday just for some water. If we don't help them with our money the at least could do is find other ways to help. We waste millions of dollars every year on these technologies that we don't necessarily need. Instead of wasting money on these technologies we should be helping other countries get economically stable. We can even better our country from an experience like that. If given a chance who's to say one of these people couldn't end cancer. I feel we should be less selfish and more selfless. Maybe we can learn a thing or two about respect because nowadays Americans have little to none.

  • Personal safety in certain areas

    People should feel safe without having to carry a deadly weapon. I think it is personally fine for a person to be able to prohibit another person to have a weapon of any sorts in certain places. It is a persons right to feel safe and that shouldn't be nullified just because someone wants to bring a weapon.

  • We don't help if we cannot profit

    Besides the obvious that we cannot help someone else until we are whole, and what works for the goose doesn't always work for the gander. What bothers me is that as a democracy why are we forcing others to adopt our philosophies? Also, after watching the film, Romero, it seems to me that America instigates civil quarrels for their own benefit/gain and then labels anyone who is fighting to protect their people "guerillas" or "terrorist". Lets mind our own business.

  • It puts America is conflict with others

    If we decide to help one country or region, other lands will begin to question why we helped one area and not another, which leads to assuming America has favoritism and isn't supporting their neutral policies. It would eventually put us at a tension between other countries, which can evidently lead to attacks and even war.

  • We need to focus on our own country first

    I understand that countries from around the world may be suffering "more" than America. But that doesn't mean that America DOESN'T have problems that need to be fixed. We still have homeless people, schools with limited supplies, starving children, and crippling debt. It seems that people nowadays think that just because we've got cellphones and the internet that we've got no problems whatsoever. It's not fair for people living on the streets or in small, crumbling houses to get little to no help because the government thinks it makes more sense to aid countries that most of the time DON'T want our help.

  • It has gone beyond ridiculous.

    Just look at the food lines, homeless shelter lines, and the government and religious leaders filling their pockets in the name of helping other countries. It sickens me. Where is the heroism in making your own people broke to remedy something that possibly wasn't meant for us to take on.

  • Explore other options?

    1% of the United States money may be spent on foreign aid, buts its still a crap load of spent money. Think about the other options like broken down U.S. cities, or schools that need a little more support. The bottom line is that aiding is too dangerous because it can be put in the wrong hands. We might as well use the money to improve not to hurt. Before we aid more, our world needs aiding to be trustful and peaceful.

  • Why? You tell me.

    We need to help ourselves. Other countries are supposed to work on solving their own problems so they can develop.

    Are you going to wipe the nose of other countries and tuck them in every night?

    You don't need to wipe for them, they can use their hands and some toilet paper.

    There are so many lives ending IN the borders of the USA that have no focus, are forgotten about, and most of all, are preventable.

  • The more we help other countries, the more likely they'll expect us to fix their problems.

    We have helped quite a few countries already, but are we expected to keep helping them? Also, even if we send aid to homeless countries, that won’t solve world hunger or anything. It isn’t really fair that we give resources to some countries, then leave out the rest which is also another problem. We don’t want to be labeled as a selfish nation, because we are far from it. We’re always going to have our problems, but adding another country's problems to ours, what is that doing to us? All the millions on top of millions of dollars we hand out, we could use.

  • Survival of the fittest

    Yes all men are equal, but to give all our available resources to others would only degrade the quality of life for both you and your neighbors. The poverty levels in America are extremely high, children go hungry and families are left homeless. Taking our earned cash and giving it away instead of putting it right back into our society will weaken our economy, lessening the chances of increasing jobs on the job market or cheap housing. Continuing to give will only destroy us in the end.

  • America Is Not King of the World and Nobody Asked it to be.

    Somehow, because it has a large population, good military, and an incorrupt government (as compared to many other countries), the American people have convinced themselves that they are the most superior country in the world and as such, everything is seen as the responsibility of the States. A plane crashes across the world - the people want Obama to find it. Rebels are fighting in the Middle East - what's Obama going to do about it? Now if a country (and that doesn't mean one small group of people but the majority of the populace), asked for help, that would be a mater, but it isn't the case. Other countries have issues, and without so much as asking, America assumes they are needed and the only force who could possibly fix the lesser countries around them.

  • America shouldnt help others when it cant even help itself

    Why should america exaughst all of its "extra" resoursces to other countries, when america is full of poverty and homelessness, i can walk down my street and see homeless people standing on the corners wearing rags, So tell me again why we should help a country that has no involment with america. Once you take off the coat of paint trying to hide what america is youll see americas teetering on the edge of being the country in some charitys comercial

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