• Yes. Wind energy should be considered for future energy needs.

    Yes. Wind energy is a promising source of renewable energy for the United States. Wind energy is an easy way to harness clean energy, and as the technology gets cheaper, there should be a push to implement wind energy in the residential sector. A wind turbine on top of every home in America would greatly decrease our dependency on coal and other polluting energy sources.

  • We Can Do More With Wind Energy

    Studies have shown that there are several viable areas that have not yet implemented wind energy technology, that could greatly benefit from it. We have just scratched the surface of harnessing energy from the wind and it is an excellent renewable energy that we should spend more time and money on.

  • Why wouldn't we?

    As the world increases in population, and technology, why don't we use one to support the other even more than we do?
    Our Earth Started out as a beautiful habitation, and remains one today. But one of the most important differences between then and now, is that now, our atmosphere and clear blue skies are in many places replaced by gray clouds of environmental toxins produced by coal burning power sources and petroleum emission.

    These are becoming problems that have started reaching America, despite fairly rigid environmental restrictions. People die because of Toxin inhalation, it is a very real threat that can, and will grow over time if we don't do something to stop it.
    A great way of doing this is through Wind Power.

    New Friction Turbines that are being installed in several countries across the world produce electricity using the wind, a completely renewable resource that places like Wyoming have PLENTY of.
    Often, the strongest arguments to clean energy are funded by the fortunes of coal, and gasoline companies.

    Those opposed to clean energy are most often driven by greed and lust for more power and wealth of "dirty" energy companies that produce electricity using coal, and oil. But is money more important than the health of our beautiful Earth, or the lives of fellow humans?

    No amount of money is more important than life. But so far, these greed driven corporations have shown no or little regard for our
    Earth and it's inhabitants. Unless those inhabitants can buy their product.

    Therefore, the debate for Clean energy is really a pointless one. Why must we debate the sustaining of our planet, and the lives of those on it? Oil spills and air pollution are serious side effects of old energy, and can be remedied through Friction Wind, Solar, and Fission Technologies that produce little of no emission.

    It won't be easy, but if we can completely separate ourselves from dirty energy and implement new technology, the world would be a much better place. I have heard arguments that it would be a massive loss of Jobs in America to do that. But there are ways of fixing that to. It would take time, money and lots of effort, but what good thing comes from little work?

    If we instituted education systems for dirty energy workers to learn about how to operate clean energy systems like solar, wind, and fission technology, and switched their old jobs for similar positions in this industry, no or few jobs would be lost.

    Therefore, I strongly believe that Wind Energy should be emphasized in the United States. To create a better future for our families, and future generations. It is vital that we begin to implement clean energy technologies.

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