Should America intervene whenever another country uses chemical weapons?

  • Yes, America should police the world.

    Yes, America should intervene whenever another country uses chemical weapons, because the United States needs to send a message to the rest of the world that the use of chemical weapons will not be tolerated. The United States has to be the city on a hill that other nations look up to. The United States should control world policy on the issue of chemical weapons.

  • Yes, but America needs to rely on the international community in conjunction with the United Nations.

    Yes, while it is not America's sole responsibility to intervene in a human rights issue, it can stand up to the use of chemical weapons alongside other countries. America, through the United Nations, can and should intervene in a way that is respectful of both international law and basic human dignity.

  • NO america should NOT police the world,

    It is the spread of american Christian fundamentalism that has since the end of WW2 caused all the problems in the world. It is about time america was sent a message by the rest of the world to 'wind their necks' stop meddling in cultures that are 100's and 1000's of years old, compared to the pubescent country that america is!!! America's place in the world continues to diminish, they are increasingly less able to take control as the respect of it's government and peoples continues to diminish around the world

  • Intervening in world affairs is against the founding principles of the United States.

    When our nation was founded, the founding fathers clearly indicated that America was to be an example of freedom to the rest of the world, not a violent herald of democracy with no respect for borders and negotiation. If we want the respect of other nations, we must avoid being global police and start sitting down with these people and acting as nonviolent mediators. And when a nation tells us to stay out of it, we must respect their wishes and move on to more pressing matters. Eventually, the violence in the rest of the world will subside, just as it always has in the past, and Earth's nations will come out stronger for it. After that, we must act as an example of how freedom and diplomacy are the best options so that the world will follow us by choice.

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